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Somax Saw Set: Coarse (Gold color) $19 - Philip1231 - 10-03-2016

Starrett 6" & 12" Comb Sqrs/Woodpeckers 26 x 16 Precsion Framing Square/Somax Sawset
All items plus shipping, PayPal fee-free preferred payment.

Starrett 6" and 12" Combination Squares: in very nice shape (minimal use). Both have wrinkled finish, 12"
has satin chrome rule.
6"  [11H-6-4R]:   (thats 65% of Amazon's discounted price)  SOLD
12"[C11H-12-4R]   . (thats 70% of Amazon's discounted price)  SOLD

Woodpeckers Precision Framing Square 26" x 16": New/unused condition with original shipping box.
This one time tool has been made available again and you can order one right now from WP, but you will
have to wait until 2017 to get it.  If you can't wait, order mine and you will have it by the end of the week!
SOLD (that is exactly what Woodpeckers is charging right now)

Somax Saw Set Coarse (Gold): New/unused condtion.  $19

RE: Woodpeckers 26 x 16 Precision Framing Square/Somax Sawset - Philip1231 - 10-08-2016

Saturday night bump

RE: Somax Saw Set: Coarse (Gold color) $19 - Philip1231 - 10-09-2016

Only thing left is the new/unused Somax Saw Set: Coarse