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RE: Truing a grinding wheel - RichK - 12-07-2016

Mike, the depression is about 1/32" - 1/16" and goes about half the width of the wheel. It covers about 15% of the circumference. This is the only slow speed grinder I've worked with, so I don't have any experience to compare it's performance with a true wheel.

Where did you get your tungsten carbide stick-type dresser? I did some online searching and didn't see anything like it. Thanks.

RE: Truing a grinding wheel - mike4244 - 12-08-2016

Rich, I bought it at Sears with the grinder at least 30 years ago. There are inexpensive diamond point dressers that work as well or better. I have used the star type dressers at work ,all three types will do the job.
The little bit of hollow you have in your wheel won't affect the honing at all. Think about the old great big wheels that were turned by a treadle or even by hand. Some had gouges in them and none I have seen turned without a wobble. My Grandfather had a wheel that was about 5" wide and about 20" in diameter. That wheel was out of round and wobbled too. Still did a good job on any tool he ground on it.