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PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - PaulJohnstone - 12-05-2016

I bought some of these, so I will give my review based on playing with them for a little bit.
They were intended to use on Sears plastic work table with 3/4 inch holes, but work on any bench with 3/4 holes, and one was tested by a reviewer on the MFT.
Looks like items one and two , you need to search for a local store that has them.

1... These are kind of like Festoool MFT table clamps, one reviewer says they work in an MFT. There is a dial that allows you to adjust how firm they hold into the bench hole.  I put them into a 3/4" bench hole, and they worked well.. Medium duty, but seems great for holding something for sanding /routing. Note, I have not actually used the official MFT ones, so I can not compare. These seem very solid.
For $17, I am glad I bought them.


2. These are hold down devices. The peg looks metal (silver color) but is actually plastic. However, I put two in my bench and clamped down a 2 x 4 and I had to pull pretty hard to get it to move.. Another thing nice for medium duty, the nice thing is they are easy to take in and out (no need to bang from the bottom. No need to use a nut underneath to fasten them like the Leigh ones).  Nice for quick moving around.. again at $19, I am very happy with this purchase.  Again, this is medium duty,
do not expect it to hold a board type while you are planing, not a Veritas holddown, but very convenient for medium duty work 


3.  This is a fence with 2 plastic pegs in it, to be used with item in #1, or you could possibly use two of these to make a right angle.
I bought one. The aluminum that protrudes is nice and well thought out. One side is 5/8 high, the other is 1 1/4 inch high.  Again, for medium
use only, I would not crank a vice hard against it, but the plastic pegs connect to the aluminum fence with T track, so it would be easy to upgrade the pegs
to something heavier duty. This is not deep discounted, but still it is only $20.


RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - Jack01 - 12-05-2016

Thanks for the info.

RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - safety1st - 12-06-2016

thanks for the info.

are you sure that the hold down peg is plastic? it seems to be mentioned as aluminum on this site: http://www.armor-tool.com/product/auto-pro-self-adjusting-horizontal-dog-clamp/

RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - PaulJohnstone - 12-06-2016

I could be wrong, maybe the peg for the holddown is aluminum.
It felt like plastic, but I am not an expert.
I will try to go to woodcraft today and look at the armor tool version.
The others look like direct copies (just renamed craftsman) so you are probably right.
Thanks for the correction.

RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - PaulJohnstone - 12-06-2016

I am probably not going to be able to make it to woodcraft tonight to compare, and it seems like only 2 people are interested in this stuff anyhow.
"safety1st" is probably right. they probably are aluminum. I apologize for the error.

RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - brianwelch - 12-06-2016

I picked up a pair today at lunchtime from Sears...They look identical to the Armor Tool version on the Woodcraft site. I will take a look in a little more detail when I get home this evening...Feel free to ask any questions, I will attempt to respond

RE: PSA: workbench stuff on sale, with review - johndi - 12-07-2016

Thanks for the link
Just picked at sears hardware