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Strangers In My Shop - gMike - 12-18-2016

I work alone.  I put stuff back every time I use it, otherwise I can't find it next time I need it which really frustrates me.  The last two times I've had "strangers" (i.e. people other than me) in my shop I've had to look for rulers/tools/etc for quite a while.  Now, I'm old and set in my ways but looking for stuff bothers me a lot more than it should.  I suspect other folks have this problem to a greater or lesser degree.

Anyone have any strategies to avoid helpful folks hiding my tools?

RE: Strangers In My Shop - Foggy - 12-18-2016

Get 4 or more of each tool so the odds of finding one are greater.

RE: Strangers In My Shop - Patsfan - 12-18-2016

i have a ton of coffee mugs.

I lose at least one a day.

What was the question?

RE: Strangers In My Shop - jteneyck - 12-18-2016

On the odd occasion someone else works with me in my shop I just make sure I put away whatever we used.  But if I misplace something, it might be months before I find it.  I have a level, somewhere.  It's been missing since I built my kitchen 20 years ago.  I'm pretty sure it's inside a wall. 


RE: Strangers In My Shop - JGrout - 12-18-2016

I wish for a phone app that could tell me 

neither Alixa or Siri have been helpful to date 

Rolleyes Rolleyes Rolleyes

RE: Strangers In My Shop - Bob10 - 12-18-2016

Better locks on the doors to the shop

RE: Strangers In My Shop - Cecil - 12-18-2016

Mike, I had that problem too, but not with strangers.  The problem was with my wife.  Apparently I let the idea of a place for every thing and everything in its place bother me more than I should have.  I am single now  Big eek

RE: Strangers In My Shop - EricU - 12-18-2016

I'm doing some work in the basement right now (ok, I'm having a break with a cup of decaf) but I am using 2 tools: a utility knife and a putty knife.  I keep losing them, it's really frustrating.  

I started buying tools where I could tell if someone ran off with one, or if I see one in the wild I know I didn't put it there.  So far what I've found is that it was probably me losing my tools all this time.  Now, my wife will put tools away if she sees them, and her idea of the proper place to put them is radically different than mine.

RE: Strangers In My Shop - Bob10 - 12-18-2016

Need pants with pockets or a tool belt.  No reason to be losing either of those tools in a room.  I buy the Duluth trading carpenter jeans for the pockets to a large degree I like the extra ballroom too

RE: Strangers In My Shop - TomFromStLouis - 12-18-2016

I think we all have problems setting a tool down there and then looking for it over here, but this "strangers in the shop" idea I do not understand at all. Who lets others use their sanctuary without supervision?