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Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - AgGEM - 02-17-2017

I have an old B&D without DC so I know nothing about newer sanders.

I just got a Ridgid Jitterbug sander because of the DC port.
However, I found that one has to punch your own dust holes in each sheet.
At least, in the paper that Home Depot sells.

I dont like this. Had I known, I probably would have continued on with my old B&D.
I only recently needed it after many years of disuse. So it is not a big user in my shop.

So, does anyone make paper for these sanders with pre punched holes? Seems silly to me not to.

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - museumguy - 02-17-2017

What size paper is it ? How many holes ?

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - AgGEM - 02-17-2017

4.5 x 5.5 I think.
8 or so holes.
Machine is in the shop.
I am not.

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - museumguy - 02-17-2017

If it's the one I think it is, did yours come with a sandpaper punch ?

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - AgGEM - 02-17-2017

It did and I used it. Tiny holes that did not line up with the machine.
Perhaps I did not register the paper correctly in the jig, I dont know.

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - Stwood_ - 02-17-2017

Make you a jig. 2 pieces of board or ply the same size, like a sandwich. Big enough your paper lays in there. Dowel on each end to keep 2 pieces together like a sandwich.
Drill holes in 2 boards or ply to match sander holes.

Stack paper in, 20 sheets or so, put top board on dowels, press down and drill through with the correct size bit.

RE: Sanpaper for a Jitterbug - Robert Adams - 02-17-2017

Do you mean a 1/4 sheet sander? If so just rip regular sheets into quarters and there you go. 

    As for the dust collection. The only 1/4 sheet sander I have is a dewalt and it has a goofy square port and I have no fitting for it. I did try punching holes in a sheet for it and yeah its a bad idea. The paper just isn't strong enough and tears apart almost immediately. I do use it from time to time but 1/4 and 1\2 sheet sanders really aren't up for dust collection unless you are using the self adhesive paper or some heavier paper weight sandpaper.  

         I think my dad still has my old 1/2 sheet B&D sander. Good at numbing the hands and wasting sandpaper...