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Very large slicks - Tynyyn - 03-28-2017


Have you guys ever seen slicks this large?  I want a few.  Too bad they would cost a years wages.

RE: Very large slicks - JimReed@Tallahassee - 03-28-2017

Very cool tools.

RE: Very large slicks - barryvabeach - 03-28-2017

You can find used slicks on ebay for $80 or less if you buy it without the handle.    For example  http://www.ebay.com/itm/antique-maine-boat-builders-hand-tool-slick-chisel-/252823535354?hash=item3add74fefa:g:o0EAAOSw32lY0Sd2

RE: Very large slicks - stevennn3 - 04-01-2017

Nice tools. I bought two of them for $150 with handle from my friend basta live spelen. If you need handle I can ask his if he wants to sell it. Let me know if you are interested

RE: Very large slicks - gjohn - 04-01-2017

Lee Valley has a 3 3/8" wide slick for $130.

Lee Valley Slick