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RE: Packing up shop using professional movers - atgcpaul - 08-06-2022

It wasn't 2 years or 10 years, but almost 5.  Yesterday we took delivery of everything in storage including my big tools.  I am glad I kept them (we weren't paying for storage) since the cost to replace them today would be nearly 2x what I paid for them.  Their weight did offset what we could have brought back from overseas (or so my wife tells me).

Happily nothing seems to have rusted.  I wipe down all the cast iron with Boeshield and the movers wrapped everything with their moving blankets.  I visited the storage facility 2 years ago to pull out some items.  It wasn't exactly conditioned space, but was clear from the elements.  I guess that is good enough in the DC area.

The movers helped me get everything back onto their mobile bases, too.  Now I need to go through all the boxes and find the parts to reassemble everything.

RE: Packing up shop using professional movers - meackerman - 08-08-2022

the typical cardboard moving boxes that you get at HD,uhaul etc only stay stacked for so long if there's any weight in them.

it took me about a year to get my shop built when we moved, and the heavier boxes I had stuff stacked in started to lean as the cardboard started giving way.

I would use plastic totes for everything.