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RE: Exotic and figured wood UPS packs. - packerguy® - 07-20-2017

(07-20-2017, 05:45 PM)greenacres2 Wrote: Box came in the mail today.  I opened it.  The maple burl is incredible.  But the figured makore...I don't have the words to describe it, it just sat in the cardboard box and gleamed at me.  I don't know that there is a camera in the world that can do justice to just how those two boards look.  I know David gets to work with this stuff all the time, and I can't imagine i'd ever get jaded on seeing it.  Shoot--I could almost frame each of them and sell it as art without even planing it.

Did I mention the makore was drop-dead gorgeous??

Thanks David!!

Dave sells great stuff. I got some pre 1963 cuban mahogany a while back, and I am afraid to use it.....amazing doesn't start to describe it.

RE: Exotic and figured wood UPS packs. - Dave Diaman - 07-21-2017

Happy to hear the wood didn't disappoint. I'm working on putting some more together. My boys are also working on some more flat rate boxes. This time I believe we may have some boxes of 12/4 turning blanks.

RE: Exotic and figured wood UPS packs. - edgy - 07-21-2017

I got to meet Dave and his beautiful family today when I picked up some of the makore and a box of figured walnut. Incredible material; the pictures in the post do not do it justice. Got the 5 cent tour of his shop and a peek at some work under way. It was a great time.

The down side is it's a woodworkers candy store  Big Grin , and my bank has a branch about 5 minutes away.
On a positive note, when this is all said and done I may be able to claim him on my taxes. Laugh Laugh  Laugh

If he posts it.. buy it !!   Please !!!  Save me !!!!

RE: Exotic and figured wood UPS packs. - Arlin Eastman - 07-25-2017


I hope you have some Maple and other figured wood for sale in Sept for when we get back to turning. Yes   We will need 4/4 and any 6/4 you may have.  I will not say good wood since all you have is excellent wood.