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RE: Daily Bench Shot - ®smpr_fi_mac® - 04-14-2019

I love building splined miter boxes but I hate cutting the splines and grooves because I never get them *just* right so I'm building a dovetail spline jig from a video on YouTube.

Almost done.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - kdouglaslee - 04-15-2019

(04-11-2019, 08:09 PM)Bill_de Wrote: That's quite an undertaking. I hope you post a picture of the finished project.


Lol, yes, it's quite a job, but it is getting easier and quicker as I figure it out.  Here's the column from my bench shot, I put it up on Saturday.  The greatest compliment I could ask for was my wife did not realize it was new because it looks basically identical to the others!

Four down (I mean, up), a mere twenty six more to go.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 04-16-2019

Done, finished, mobile and out in the unfinished side of the shop to off-gas.

Went quick and dirty on the finish with 2 coats of Deft Lacquer....was able to do it near an open door but dam that stuff stinks.  Dead


RE: Daily Bench Shot - ®smpr_fi_mac® - 04-18-2019

I finished the dovetail spline jig and put it to use last night. It's a joy.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - ®smpr_fi_mac® - 04-18-2019

First coat of lacquer after sanding to 220. I'm digging the dovetail spline effect.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 04-18-2019

Lookin good

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 04-19-2019

(04-18-2019, 08:04 AM)®smpr_fi_mac® Wrote: I finished the dovetail spline jig and put it to use last night.  It's a joy.

That turned out great!

RE: Daily Bench Shot - ®smpr_fi_mac® - 04-24-2019

Last night I threw together a simple hanger for a piece of blown glass we bought two years ago.

Tested it on the garage wall.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 04-24-2019

Tell her you are leaving it in the garage, and see what happens...

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Gary G™ - 04-28-2019

Some mitered boxes, the big one has cherry slip feathers.
The tray in the large aromatic cedar box drops down on a cushion of air.
One more tray to make, and they will all get Shellac and GF Arm-R-Seal.