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RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 03-24-2020

Though it isn't on my bench,


I'm refinishing the distant neighbors kitchen table. Going to blend it in, without removing the side finish.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Gary™ - 03-27-2020

Playing with the Laser the last few days






RE: Daily Bench Shot - grwold - 03-28-2020

The first coat of BLO is setting up on the Moxon vise.  The flat bottom spoke shave helped a lot, thanks for the assist there.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 04-01-2020

Making a second Chinese Checkers (Covid Checkers? --- too soon?) board to send to my nephew near Boston. And just finished waxing up a little box to hold all the marbles.

Alder, assembled with boxjoints, sliding lid. The sides were milled in the usual manner and cut on the table saw. The boxjoints as well as grooves for bottom (1/8" masonite) and lid were done with the Shaper Origin. The rabbets for the lid were roughed in on the table saw and finessed by hand. I've probably made a dozen boxjoint boxes with the Shaper Origin now and I'm still amazed at how well the joints fit and how accurately I can set things up for a minimum of finger protrusion and followup sanding.

Finish is 6 coats of "Minwax Antique Oil" and rubbed out with some 0000 steel wool and a bit of paste wax. I have to say, I like the color that the MAO produces in the alder. I've been using more waterborne finishes, sometimes with dewaxed shellac under them for a bit of color, but the MAO looks good. Cheap stuff too. Less than oil based wiping poly (MAO is a a pre-thinned oil/varnish blend), Watco Danish Oil (also a pre-thinned oil/varnish blend) and even making up my own. Application is pretty bullet-proof. Flood the surface, wait 5-10 minutes, wipe clean. Can says to repeat in 24 hours but I was doing 2 a day because it was drying well. No scuffing like a poly requires, probably because this has a relatively high concentration of thinner. De-nibbing with some 400 grit doesn't hurt though.

Once the board is dry (3 coats on that) I can rub it down then finish my search for a suitable shipping box.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 04-05-2020

2nd marble box done. This one is red oak, finger joints and about 6 coats of Minwax Antique Oil. This one stays with my first Chinese Checkers board.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 04-05-2020

Getting caught up on several little projects. I'm tired of the little silverware organizer tray I have sliding to the back of the drawer. So this one is sized to fit the drawer.

Again with the finger joints (really having fun with the Shaper Origin) for the outer box. Bottom is 1/8" hardboard glued on. And for the dividers, they were all fitted and just glued in. The end grain got sized and a second coat of glue added so they should hold. Most of the strength comes from gluing the divider down to the hardboard anyway.

Lots of coats of spray lacquer to finish. Now it gets to sit here and give me a mild contact high as it off-gasses. In a few days it should be ready to install in the drawer.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Gary™ - 04-09-2020

Marvel Calendar


RE: Daily Bench Shot - jstraw - 04-10-2020

Trying to finish a box that has stuck around longer than it should have. Supposed to have been finished for a Christmas gift last year.

Cut the liner for it. Now a little more finishing.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 04-10-2020

Lookin great there guys.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 04-15-2020

Bluebird houses, enough to make 4. Ain't fine woodworking but birds need homes too.  Laugh