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RE: Daily Bench Shot - jstraw - 11-03-2020

Might be too light of a color, but has characteristics of some gum lumber I had years ago

RE: Daily Bench Shot - museumguy - 11-04-2020

From what I've seen around here, my guess is soft maple.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 11-05-2020

Cottonwood Laugh I use it frequently for shop projects that'll get beat up.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 11-06-2020

Wuz gonna suggest cottonwood. I've milled a ton of it.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 11-15-2020


RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 11-15-2020

Assembled it yesterday, thinking about selling it as a steampunk entertainment center, the frame is black pipe. Should get what? 3k?



RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 11-16-2020

Oughta go for 5G's Ed.............

RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 11-24-2020

First time I've posted in this thread.  Been working on this dresser in earnest for several weeks now.  Daughter and her fiance asked me to make them a suite of bedroom furniture, and this is their design.  Since they came up with the dimensions and the overall look, I had to figure out how to build it.  

Massive dresser/armoire.  42" wide for the bare carcase; 52 inches tall once the top is added.  10 drawers and they spec'd out bearing glides.  Glides not so tough for narrower drawers, but those 38.5" wide drawers got a bit finicky.  Being that wide, any imperfections in the parallel sides were magnified, or so it seemed.  Now, only need to fit 10 drawer fronts. 

I was going to use poplar for the drawer boxes, but I underestimated the need and so opted for the pile of wide pine I've had hanging around in the shop for nearly five years.

Then it's on to a king-size headboard, night stands, and a cheval mirror.   Crazy


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 11-24-2020

Lookin good WxMan. Cool


RE: Daily Bench Shot - 2beast - 11-28-2020