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RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 01-16-2021

(01-16-2021, 10:30 AM)stav Wrote: I thought it was cold here today with our high of 63 degrees.  Wow, that looks really cold WxMan. What part of the country is that?

Southwest Iowa.

Temps really not bad for a winter storm this strong.  Was hanging around 30 degrees all day during the storm and is 26-27 degrees today.  Normally, a strong winter storm here will have temps 15-25 degrees during the storm and temps will plunge as the storm tapers off, often to around 0 degrees or colder.  La Nina has that flow altered, and so we're staying a bit warmer.

Not complaining; we're one day closer to Spring.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - stav - 01-16-2021

My wife spent some time Montana in her youth.  She talks about the idea of moving there.  I'm not sure how I would fare in those conditions.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 01-16-2021

(01-16-2021, 03:12 PM)stav Wrote: My wife spent some time Montana in her youth.  She talks about the idea of moving there.  I'm not sure how I would fare in those conditions.

Montana is a long way away, even from us, though not, I suppose, for some others on the board here.  I'd have given it a shot, but then again, I like extreme weather.  

LOML and I met and got married in Fairbanks, Alaska.  While we were still tramping around the world while I was on active duty, we talked about going back.  However, it wasn't a realistic option for us.  Both sets of parents were still alive (hers still are) and between job potential and needing to travel to take care of them, being 4000 miles away in central AK just wasn't in the cards.  

LOML's rules about retirement homes were simple:  No Florida.  No Texas.  I could easily find myself in West Texas, but Florida...meh.

We ended up in the Midwest and we're here permanently as we were't ready to retire yet and found our forever home.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 01-18-2021

Been a while since I've had time to do much in the shop. Xmas and work and Covid threw some big monkey-wrenches at my head...

Anyway, my girlfriend Brenda commissioned an oval stained-glass piece and it needs a frame. So here is the work so far. 

Cherry with a bit of dye-stain to even things out a bit. The cherry was from different boards and just sort of blah looking. The frame is made of 6 pieces and the joints are all splined inside. Back has a rabbet to accommodate the stained-glass.

Next step is some sealer, probably use up part of an open pint of Arm-R-Seal. 


RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 01-18-2021

Woah! That is very nice.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 01-18-2021

Rob...looks great!  I'd love to see how you laid that out.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 01-18-2021

(01-18-2021, 08:29 PM)WxMan Wrote: Rob...looks great!  I'd love to see how you laid that out.

Measured the major and minor diameters of the stained glass. Add a little bit because it has some variation, being hand formed lead (I forget the real name of the H channel lead stuff).

Took those numbers to Fusion 360 (CAD) and finished drawing my oval, expanded for width, accounted for the rabbet, etc.

Export that information to an SVG (standard vector graphic) file and used my Shaper Origin CNC to make a template from 1/4" MDF.

Back to Fusion 360 and fiddled around to get the angles on the ends of 6 pieces of wood. Why 6? Well, as part of the fiddling I was trying to make sure I could use up cherry of about 5" and 6" wide left over from several projects. Then cut the blanks. Spent a little time fiddling and tuning the angles with a shooting board until it all came together reasonably well.

Off to the router table to use a slotting bit to cut for splines. Little time to make the splines and fit them. Little more time to wrestle it all together with glue, strap clamp and a pile of C-clamps to make sure the splines were clamped too.

Traced on the oval and removed the bulk with a jigsaw, following up with a bearing guided compression bit back at the router table. The template was tacked on the back side with a few small nails. 

Cut the rabbet with a trim router and spent a bit of time with a card scraper to finesse the fit since the stained glass isn't a perfect oval. There were a few places that needed a little bit of filler, the nail holes for example. Sand it up to 180 followed by a wipe down with water to pre-raise the grain and another sanding. 

When I'm done with the sealer coats I'll take a picture that shows an example of the spline.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 01-22-2021

Rob, that's going to be stunning when done.  Can't let LOML see that....

Nightstands are nearing completion.  Got the tops and shelves rough cut today.  They need edge treatment and then fine tuning on fit.  Hope to have these through finishing by Monday.  


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 01-25-2021


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 01-26-2021