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RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 06-21-2021

(06-21-2021, 11:27 AM)WxMan Wrote: Well, here's the spoon mule as it currently sits.  It's operational, though it can and will be changed as preferences change.

I'm trying a different approach with the seat.  Most just have a "butt seat", and that's what I was going to do.  Even glued up a blank to start hollowing and shaping.  Them LOML asked, "Why don't you use the mower seat that's up in the loft?"  Why not, indeed?  It would save time and recycle an existing item back into use.

The mower seat may not work out.  First, the arm rests are in the way when in the down position, and their steel supports are an integral part of the seat frame.  If they're still in the way even when in the up position, the remedy is to cut them off with the angle grinder.  I'll change it out if it just won't work.  As it is, the only "waste" on that detour is a 14"x14" piece of scrap ply and an 8" piece of scrap 2X4.

The shave head is a kluge of ideas I saw on line.  Like the rest, it can be changed as I use the setup.

The clamping mechanism holds tight.

Cool  Flea markets seem to have an abundance of those old steel tractor seats........

RE: Daily Bench Shot - WxMan - 06-22-2021

(06-21-2021, 05:05 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: Cool  Flea markets seem to have an abundance of those old steel tractor seats........

When I was searching around looking at spoon mules, I saw a couple of mules and shave horses that recycled an old steel tractor seat.

I took a windsor chair making course in 2007.  During the course, I used a shave horse for the first time to make back spindles and initially prepare the bow for steaming.  I spent a day on that shave horse and decided that if I ever was going to have one, it would have a seat that was friendlier to my backside.  The mower seat on this mule was the original for my mower; I put a new spring suspension seat on my mower.

I'll probably also fabricate a shave horse head for this contraption, so that I can swap it out as I have the need.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 06-22-2021

Lay out and holes drilled for face vise.  I spent much of the day flattening the bottom of the bench and then laying out to excavate the cavities that will house the hardware for the 24" chain drive face vise.  I am taking my time so I don't mess any of this up.  This is the LAST workbench I will ever need to build so I want to get it right.  Those cavities have to be 2-1/2" deep so this is going to take some time.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 06-23-2021

I was able to get the relief cuts for the face vise hardware cut out and test fit the hardware, and I cut off the excess on the ends of the bench and flattened the top.  Now I have to build the base.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 06-27-2021

Looking good John

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 06-28-2021

Thank you Steve!

Getting the base assembly done today I hope

Once I get the base done I will finish the face and tail vise installation

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 06-30-2021

Got the stretchers fitted, now I just need to install the bench bolts, get everything sanded and then install the top onto the base.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 07-02-2021

Leg assemblies were completed yesterday, sanded and surface prepped.  I made a simple jig for the dovetails at the top of the leg assemblies and rounded the corners of the tails instead of chopping out waste, they took a lot less time, I did this since NO ONE is ever going to see them once the 4" thick top is secured to them.


Now I have to work on the tail vise mortise into the side of the bench top and the sliding tail vise jaw, and then the face vise jaw and Bob's your Uncle!  Smile

RE: Daily Bench Shot by MT Woodworker - MT Woodworker - 07-07-2021

Had the garage doors replaced, got to looking at the old door panels.
Nicely sized, light weight, solid styrofoam core, hey shelving

Put 3 in the carport off of the shop.

Did some cutting and fit great under the bench. Easy to cut with a skill saw.


RE: Daily Bench Shot - EdL - 07-07-2021

Yup. Those panels make great shelves.

Good thinking!