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RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 02-01-2019

Goodness Rob, you can use that bad boy for a mirror! Great Job!

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Rob Young - 02-01-2019

(02-01-2019, 01:50 PM)Rob Young Wrote: Polishing my...

Block plane blade!  Was a bit bored and didn't really have a lot of time to do much in the shop last night.  So pulled out the set of diamond paste syringes I got off eBay a few years ago and went to work on the back of a LN102 blade.  LN finishes them off at somewhere around p400 grit equivalent which is in the neighborhood of 40 micron (um).  The paste kit starts at 40um and ends at 0.5um.  The cheaper green stropping crayons are around 5-10um.  This is of course if you can believe the labels...

Just a dot of the paste is needed.  I cut up strips of copier paper and they (usually) stick all by themselves to my granite plate.  Then you work through the grits.  When the paper changes color from the dye in the oil to nearly solid black, you are probably done with that grit.

Good way to kill 30 minutes or so.  It goes very quickly.

FYI, : eBay Link

I can't remember who I bought them from the first time but this is the kit I bought a couple years ago.  They show up all the time on eBay for between $5 and $12.  Often times the $5 kits have only 5 or 6 grits, sometimes the coarse ones, sometimes the fine ones.  YMMV

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Gary G™ - 02-02-2019

Part of the breakfast bar top:

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Redman - 02-03-2019



RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 02-04-2019

This is more of a Man Cave Shot than a bench shot. Since the table top has taken over the shop, this had to be moved to the Man Cave.  I need a bigger shop Smile

Was able to get the finish on the base yesterday before the game......  I am using Minwax Antique Oil Finish

I will be finish sanding the top and getting the first coat of finish on it today if my schedule cooperates.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 02-04-2019


RE: Daily Bench Shot - Redman - 02-05-2019



RE: Daily Bench Shot - Belle City Woodworking - 02-05-2019

Steve that is awesome!

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Dan Moening - 02-05-2019

Quote:I cut up strips of copier paper and they (usually) stick all by themselves to my granite plate.

Copier paper? The plain white 500-sheets-per-ream copier paper?

Interesting. How does this adhere to the granite plate by itself?

Do you have a picture of this also ... love to see this part of your process.
And thanks for the link ... might try the diamond paste for that price.

RE: Daily Bench Shot - Stwood_ - 02-05-2019

(02-05-2019, 07:47 AM)Belle City Woodworking Wrote: Steve that is awesome!


John, looks lie your table is about whipped into shape. Lookin good (where's the thumbs up icon)