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WTB: #4, #5 Planes - southgalawyer - 02-03-2018

I never seem to see these posted in time to buy them because they sell so fast!  But the next time someone has a rehabbed, decent shape, #4 and/or #5 (or maybe a 5 1/4) for sale for reasonable prices, would you please consider sending me a message and give me a minute to see if I can buy them?  Looking for my son who is in lutherie school, and he wants a couple planes of this type if I can find them for him.  Thanks!

RE: WTB: #4, #5 Planes - fredhargis - 02-04-2018

Not sure how you define reasonable, but Tom Bussey (Tablesawtom) has a nice #4 for sale down below (or somewhere). His planes show ready to work except for sharpening the iron...can't be beat (IMHO).

RE: WTB: #4, #5 Planes - ridgeline - 02-04-2018

PM sent