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Air compressor engine pump - alsayyed - 03-11-2018

Hello every body . I have a technical question regarding air compressor I have air compressor was been purchased 20 years ago. Know I want to bring this air compressor to life again. It is 150 Litre tank. My motor is 2hp if want to change the engine pump what would be suitable pump specification to go with the 2hp motor in order to fill the 150 litre tank.

RE: Air compressor engine pump - Wild Turkey - 03-11-2018

Grainger list of pumps

Here's a place to start looking.  Size of tank isn't as important as pressure and CFM.

My first question is are you sure the old pump isn't repairable?  They are simple and have few things to go wrong.

I'd also watch Craigslist, etc for a used one -- you might find one cheaper than repairing yours or one that you could use just the pump.

But first thing is to check the tank and make sure it hasn't rusted out.  Too often they aren't drained and water in tank will lead to pinholes in the bottom.

RE: Air compressor engine pump - alsayyed - 03-11-2018

Thank you very much for your reply. I can make maintenance for engine pump, it is single stage pump, but do not know how many horse power that one. what was i am trying to say if the motor is 2hp, dose the pump should 2 hp or more or dose not make any difference.

RE: Air compressor engine pump - Wild Turkey - 03-12-2018

Horsepower rating is very important. If you look at the left column of the chart in the link those numbers are the HP (label is up at the top)

The horsepower of the motor determines the speed that you can spin the compressor, which is why they have different hp ratings for each pump.

One other thing to look at is matching your drive pulley to the flywheel pulley -- they both need to be the same belt size. In the "Technical specs" of the pump sheet (click on the price and it comes up) they list the groove size as "A" and number as "1" so you need a drive pulley with a single groove for a size A belt.

They also give two speeds for the compressor, one for smaller motors and one for the larger ones. If you try to spin a compressor too fast with a small motor it will get overloaded and overheat. Spinning it too slowly reduces the CFM output of the compressor.

Hope this helps Wink

RE: Air compressor engine pump - Robert Adams - 03-14-2018

If it's a 2 hp motor then the pump you get needs to be rated at 2 hp or less. Tank size, airflow, pressure doesn't matter. Just find a pump that will run on a 2 hp motor. Amazon has a few as does harborfreight. 
      Now for a gas engine powered compressor it's usually the same as water pumps. Say a 2 hp pump would require a 2 hp electric motor but require say a 3hp gas engine to get the same output. Not exact but the idea. 

     I need a new pump for my 60 gallon compressor as it threw a rod but often the pump costs half what a new compressor does. 

       You can try craigslist but good luck. The top two items that hold their resale value are air compressors and welders. You will rarely find a deal on either and often the ones for sale are used and abused for near new or sometimes more than new prices.