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Belt Grinder Build - Larry H. - 07-03-2018

Not mine. I wish it was. I thought this guy built an outstanding machine. Vid is about 35 mins. if you have the time. He also has vids on accessories he built for it. I wish I had his skill set, and some of his tools.


RE: Belt Grinder Build - daddo - 07-03-2018

When I build my next one, I want different sized upper head wheels to give me different radius's and direct drive. Once you own one of these, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. You can do fine sharpening work or remove metal material at an alarming rate. Using it for wood is fine but very dusty.

RE: Belt Grinder Build - giradman - 07-03-2018

Impressive video - the kid knows his stuff!  Thanks for the link - BUT will not be a part of my modest basement shop -  No Big Grin  Dave

RE: Belt Grinder Build - JDuke - 07-06-2018

You don’t have to go nuts building a good belt grinder.

5/16 Carriage bolts fit nicely into 1.5” 80/20 and coincidentally are very close to the 8mm inner diameter of skateboard wheels.

So you can bolt up an 80/20 aluminum frame and mount 2” skateboard wheels to it for most of the idler wheels,

Grizzly sells a large 2” wide drive wheel.

I did just a little welding to build a combination tracking and tension wheel.

Treadmill motor and controller for infinite variable speed.

I configured mine to easily use either 2x72 or cheaper 2x42 belts with same drive wheel and track/tension wheel.

I think I’ve posted pictures in the remote past.