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Simple Holiday gifts - Pirate - 11-18-2018

Seems, this time of year, I end up trying to think of a small home made gift for someone.
Anyone have some to show. Simple is better.
Here is one to start.
Fish, oven rack push/puller.

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - Edwin Hackleman - 11-19-2018

Chain saw bar groove scraper. It works much better than a screwdriver to clean out the bar grooves.
Use metal angle stock no thicker than 0.050" and it will clean out all bars. Any good hardwood works for a handle, but I used oak. Drill four countersunk holes in metal for flathead screws. Paint is optional. I later drilled in a hole in the handle for hanging.

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - Lonnie in Orlando - 11-24-2018

Here are some simple (last minute) Christmas gifts that I have made …

> Bench brush for woodworkers, draftsmen, craftspeople -- Scroll saw recipient's name in handle of Harbor Freight bench brush.

> Spring loaded salad tongs -- QSWO cut on bandsaw / not steam bent.

> Cutting board, spreader, and bread.

> Cutting board with North Star -- for sailor friend  (Forstner bit and plug cutter)

> Nine inch 1907 carver's mallet -- for woodworkers.  This is really a good design from "Elementary Turning" printed 1907.  Give printed copy of plan with the mallet.
1907 Mallet Diagram


RE: Simple Holiday gifts - Edwin Hackleman - 11-26-2018

I like this tuned wind chime as a holiday project because if the strike hits five of the chimes in the correct sequence, it plays the notes that go along with "Jingle all the way" in the song, Here Comes Santa Claus:


For the six chimes, I used ordinary 1/2" conduit and painted it gold. Copper is another option. If interested, I can supply the lengths of the chimes that tunes them up. When hung in the correct pattern, the weights will balance out perfectly as shown here and produce a level crown at the top when hanging dead center from the hexagon.

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - daddo - 11-26-2018

I wrestled up a few Bat houses.

Machined a socket to fit a square 11/16" headed bolt for a winch the BIL has been wanting.

So far that's it.

[Image: 8GWi3Sh.jpg]

[Image: RNdaFK5.jpg]

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - K. L McReynolds - 11-27-2018

[attachment=14614][attachment=14615]These are older examples of the back scratchers and oven rack tools I make and give away.

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - Edwin Hackleman - 12-06-2018

Here's a good project for wood turning:
I made the handle using black walnut and the head using locust. Hard maple also makes a good mallet head. Join the head to the handle using a wedged tenon. I've used this tool for years.

RE: Simple Holiday gifts - Edwin Hackleman - 12-08-2018

A weed digger that I hang onto the lawnmower. It works very well:
I used hickory for the handle and three #10 machine screws to hold the steel prong. The long mortise was tricky to cut. I believe I used a thin kerf ripping blade. I made three of them, kept one, and gave the other two away for Christmas gifts.