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**SOLD**Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - ItsGottaBe - 12-06-2018

Hello All,

The shop downsizing continues.

I'm selling my 2004 Minimax MM16 Bandsaw. I believe this is the Gen 1 Minimax saw with 3.6 HP and a 12 1/2" resew capacity. The saw is in pretty good condition and operates perfectly. The cast iron table is in need of some TLC. There is one spot that has a significant patch of surface rust. See the photos for more details. 

Made in Italy by Centauro.

I have three blades that will included with the saw purchase.

I have the saw on swivel casters for mobility and it has worked out well.

Let me know if you have any questions. The best way to get in touch is by email: mike3015@icloud.com

I'm in Danville, CA (SF Bay Area). Local pick up only only please.


Thanks for looking



RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - fredhargis - 12-06-2018

I have that same saw (I think mine's a 2005) that I bought here a few years back. I couldn't be happier, and one thing that may be an advantage over the later models is that this motor can be run on a 20 amp breaker, versus the 30 amp the later ones need. The later ones are 4.8 HP (I think) and there's little reason in my mind to want the larger motor...the 3.6 is way more than adequate.

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - FireWood - 12-06-2018

Chiming in.  I've got one too.  Wonderful machine. 

and with a little bit of work adjusting the guides and removing a bit of extraneous sheet metal from the upper enclosure, the resaw capacity can be easily improved to over 13".

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - Aram - 12-06-2018

I'll chime in too. I have this saw, same year, originally in the same town (yep, Danville, CA). I can't say enough good things about it. I've used it for everything from roughing out tiny drawer handles to resawing massive, dense slabs of wood. 

I moved it to Oregon a year and a half ago. As it turns out, it's easy to load into a UHaul. I built a trolley (couple 2x4s and a couple of casters), attached it to the spine with compression straps, rolled the saw up to the UHaul. A friend helped me lever it in -- UHaul bed is the perfect height for that -- and rolled it in on the trolley. We put it back upright (also easy) and strapped it to a wall for security. So if you're worried about hauling it, don't be.

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - Admiral - 12-07-2018

Nice saw. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - ItsGottaBe - 12-08-2018

Thanks guys for adding insight and your personal experiences with this saw.


RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - thomaskila - 12-08-2018

(12-08-2018, 05:30 PM)ItsGottaBe Wrote: Thanks guys for adding insight and your personal experiences with this saw.


Last year I was fortunate enough to be able to buy the newer 20" Minimax (now called the S500P).  That thing is a beast and I love using it.  However, if I had the opportunity to have purchased this saw at that price, I would've been all over it (and about $3,000+ richer).  :0

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - Kansas City Fireslayer - 12-09-2018

That’s a great saw and saws like this don’t come around often. It took me 2 years of constant CL watching to finding an older LT Italian Laguna. I would jump on this saw quickly if local and in the market. Your price is a steal compared to new bandsaws being offered in today’s market.

RE: Minimax MM16 Bandsaw - ItsGottaBe - 12-26-2018

The bandsaw has been sold!

Thanks for all the interest.