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School me on radiant heating - goaliedad - 12-29-2018

Our lake house remodel:
When they poured the slab it was a very hot day and they did not have enough help. They got it leveled but not finished. They put a plywood subfloor over the slab. Not sure of how they did this. I will be digging into this soon. 
Originally it had electric baseboard heat. That was replaced with forced air with ducts in the attic. Central air was also added at some point. The forced air is about 20 years old. I am open to leaving the forced air system in place just for the central air 
I am seriously thinking of pulling up the plywood subfloor and installing radiant heat. 
Any input or ideas are welcome 

I realize the sub floor will end up higher than it is now but we are going to replace the outer doors so this is a non issue and the interior doors will need to be adjusted as well 

I assume I will put sleeper on the cement- 16 inch centers. Some sort of foil faced insulation, pex and a new sub floor.

RE: School me on radiant heating - Bluepine - 12-29-2018

Staple pex coils onto existing slab and pour 2- 3 inches of concrete for a hydronic system.
My house and my woodshop have heated floors which I will never live without.

RE: School me on radiant heating - carwashguy - 12-30-2018

I think I would put down foam panels to isolate the concrete from the floors and put down a product similar to this.  it looks like you'll be ripping a lot of plywood!

RE: School me on radiant heating - blackhat - 01-02-2019

Look at radiant wall or ceiling panels.  Typically much better suited to a remodel.