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RE: My kitchen remodel - KC - 11-01-2019

(10-31-2019, 07:09 PM)Robert Adams Wrote:             The vent hood is a 36" but there is room between the upper cabs for a 48" one if I find a good deal on one at some point. A wider vent hood is much more effective.

Nicely done.  Yes 

I tried to sell LOML on a vent hood vs the OTR microwave... but she won.  

Curious as to the price you paid for granite.  That sounds awfully low?

RE: My kitchen remodel - Robert Adams - 11-01-2019

(11-01-2019, 07:34 AM)KC Wrote: Nicely done.  Yes 

I tried to sell LOML on a vent hood vs the OTR microwave... but she won.  

Curious as to the price you paid for granite.  That sounds awfully low?

        There are many many many granite suppliers here. There are more granite installers than grocery stores here.... Also with ours it was very simple, one corner joint and everything else was a flush cut. The sink is ceramic and actually a drop in style but I dropped it down to make it an undermount so the countertop just sits on top of it. Also the granite comes in pre cut pieces for countertops with the front edge already done so that saves even more on the install. If I didn't have any joints to do I would have bought the stone and installed it myself and saved about half that price. Granite is not expensive it's the installer that is. The guy I had do it basically has a storage area for his granite so no storefront overhead. Gotta see if I can find his number cause I will need a slab for the bathroom next.. 
     Oh floor and decor used to carry the same type of granite in different lengths and stone types and their prices were pretty good. Not sure if they still carry it. The hard part is building a rack for the trailer and then getting it home and unloading it...

          I have never liked overhead microwaves as they are not very convenient and the vent in them doesn't work well. I would like to go with a bigger one at some point though. For it to work best I crack open the kitchen window for more makeup air.

Forgot to add... The finish on the cherry is a coat of blo that was allowed to dry for a couple weeks then topcoated with Kirkey Euroclear. (clearcoar for automotive paint) It's as durable as the paint on a car but it does block UV so the cherry will take longer to darken. Used the shaker raised panel bits and a flat ply panel which 2 sided was only available if I bought a whole pallet so it is unfortunately one sided.

RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 01-21-2020

Since getting my German Shepherd puppy at 8 weeks old and is now almost 5 months old my kitchen remodel came to a halt because all of my attention has been towards her.  I also quit my job after working there for 12 years, took December off and started at a new company January 2nd. 


I have been able to work on the kitchen from time to time and I'm in the process of finally sealing the 2-10' long counter tops.  3 coats of General Finishes satin Arm-R-Seal.  These pictures were taken with the base coat applied.



I'm still on track to finish the kitchen within my 1 1/2 year dead line I gave myself...I think I'm about a year into it. Big Grin

RE: My kitchen remodel - Snipe Hunter - 01-22-2020

If the dog's happy, I'm happy. Nicely done.

RE: My kitchen remodel - Stwood_ - 01-26-2020

How did your 45 on the big countertop turn out.

I can't see it from here..... Winkgrin

RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 01-27-2020

(01-26-2020, 07:21 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: How did your 45 on the big countertop turn out.

I can't see it from here..... Winkgrin

The miters came out better than expected honestly.  I used a track saw to get the initial angle cut but the thin kerf blade of the saw flexed so I cleaned the miters up with a straight edge and a straight cutting router bit.  I used counter top bolts on the underside to join the two tops together.  Getting the seams to line up on each top was a priority for me.  I learned a lot doing this...mainly how much of a pain in the butt it was getting 10' long, 6" wide and 1 3/4" boards flat and square.  I will never do it again. Big Grin



RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 01-27-2020

I went a week without a kitchen sink as I finished the counter tops in place but after this weekend I now have a functioning sink and dishwasher so no more dishes in the bathtub.  Big Grin



RE: My kitchen remodel - fredhargis - 01-27-2020

Really pretty, and the countertops are nice, too. Laugh  Seriously, the contrast between the dark and light woods is quite attractive. Love your puppy!

RE: My kitchen remodel - Stwood_ - 01-27-2020

Looks great Duane. 45 seams are impressive. I like the contrast also.
I wanted to do walnut tops with our cherry cabs also, but got that nixed from the head of the kitchen due to the maintenance on a wood top.
I have a special stack of walnut that I milled myself back in the 80's that I was going to use. 12' material wide enough to do a 2 board glueup.

RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 01-28-2020

Thanks guys....reading compliments from way more experienced woodworkers than me is always nice.  I try my best at whatever hobby I do and try to learn something new each day.  Woodworking is a challenge on most days and I think that's why I enjoy it so much. 

I would hold onto that Walnut for a fine piece of furniture considering the cost of Walnut now-a-days. Uhoh