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RE: My kitchen remodel - EdL - 02-07-2019

When I did my kitchen, had a local guy do the cabinets.

All plywood boxes, blum hardware, top notch. He used oak I had milled for the doors, etc. Low ceiling so the uppers go all the way up. Did the countertops myself.

It's a small kitchen so the $$$ wasn't huge over purchased boxes.

I've never regretted it for a second.


RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 02-08-2019

(02-07-2019, 09:42 PM)toolmiser Wrote: You must install an island, every kitchen remodel on tv has one installed whether it works or not.

I've had a lot of people say an island is a must.  The kitchen is 11' X 14' and the way my cabinets will cover almost every wall I already will have an open counter top with no cabinets above it....the island is out for me because I feel it will make the kitchen look too cramped and an obstacle course walking through it. Laugh

RE: My kitchen remodel - MsNomer - 02-08-2019

I assumed I would have an island in my kitchen, but was smart enough to pay for an hour of a designer's time. She suggested a G. It is perfect.

RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 02-08-2019

(02-08-2019, 12:47 PM)MsNomer Wrote: She suggested a G. 

What is a "G"?  I have an "L" on the countertop where no cabinets will be above it and will serve as a staging area for food.

Demo is complete...temporary sink base made so I can still do dishes, make coffee and wash my hands and I can move it out of the way easily.  I have some touch up on the sheet rock, some wiring for LED lights for under the cabinets and a fresh coat of paint.  16 years ago I roughed in an outlet for a dish washer and garbage disposal, recessed lights, dedicated outlet for the refrigerator, water for ice maker and 2 drop down lights on chains over the double sink.


RE: My kitchen remodel - Stwood_ - 02-08-2019

Have you got any cabs built yet? Material bought?

RE: My kitchen remodel - jteneyck - 02-08-2019

(02-08-2019, 05:24 PM)Stwood_ Wrote: Have you got any cabs built yet? Material bought?

What he said.  I built all my new cabinets before I started the demo.  Well, you're committed now for sure.  

As for islands, I'm guessing the original comment was in jest.  In any case, islands are fine for some spaces and some people, but there was no way one was going to fit in my 12' wide kitchen.  We have a peninsula instead coming out of one wall and find it ideal.  But it all depends on your situation, whether there will be an eating area in the kitchen, etc.  

Trends are fine - as long as they work for you.  If I see another open concept kitchen I think I'm going to be sick.  All I can think of when I see one in someone's house is "Oh, they don't cook.".  


RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 02-08-2019

No cabinets or materials for said cabinets have been made or bought...you have to remember I started this 16 years ago so I was committed back then when I gutted the original kitchen. Laugh   I have nothing but time to complete this project and why I estimate it's going to take over a year to complete...if I run out of time my bank or whoever buys the home from them gets to finish the kitchen. Big Grin

I'm making the material list for the cabinets this weekend and will get the plywood next week then start my homework on making the cabinets.  Then I have to start milling all the Oak for the frames, doors and drawer faces etc.  Then I have to pick out the hardware, drawer slides, hinges, pulls and get that purchased.

I have a lot of homework to do and a lot of learning to do in the process. Smile

RE: My kitchen remodel - Bluepine - 02-08-2019

No bigger motivation to complete a kitchen is to not have one at all.

RE: My kitchen remodel - Duane N - 02-12-2019

A question for the ones that have installed cabinets.

Is there any reason why a base can't be made and leveled as one unit then installing the cabinets on top of the base?  My plan is to build the boxes of the bottom cabinets as long as I possibly can manage and move around during assembly then installing it as one unit on the base.  The base would then act as part the toe kick and the cabinet overhang would be the top portion of the kick.

Also, my neighbor brought up a suggestion about running the hardwood flooring under the base cabinets.  I'm going to have pieces that have already been installed but I have to pull up to continue the new flooring into the kitchen. 

So my options are installing a continuous base and run the flooring up to it which would mean using 2 X 6 material cut down to make a 3 1/2" - 4" toe kick or run the flooring under the cabinets and use 2 X 4 material as the continuous base and have a 3 1/2" toe kick. 

This is a look from the other side of the kitchen into what will become the dining room and where I stopped the hardwood floors originally that I have to pull up and piece in the new flooring to blend it in.  I was able to get the same flooring 16 years later.


RE: My kitchen remodel - Phil Thien - 02-12-2019

Don’t run the flooring under the cabinets.

Build a single base out of plywood. Set the height so your counter will be your desired height from your finished floor.