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Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-15-2019

Had a bunch of these Ash scraps I was going to use up....before the Gall Bladder Episode...finally getting around to making a small box out of the stuff...trying to get the most out of the least, as it were Rolleyes 

Start up meant I needed a few glue ups prepped...
I found 4 pieces close to the same size...and jointed the edges...all at once.   Flipped things around, to find two that were close to a match, and glued those two together.. Cool 
Middle needed cauls to keep it flat....Still had two more to do..
At least these two went together better... Rolleyes 
Still have a stack of thins for ends? Rolleyes 
And a few thicker parts, as needed 
And..even have a few to glue up into a lid panel... Cool
3/8" thick, mostly Rolleyes    May find a few uses for these? Confused  
One seems to be out and about?  I think I might have a spare Rolleyes 

That's the start, will see how things turn out...
Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Ash Box Project.. - Tony Z - 03-15-2019

Keep it up, Steve!

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-16-2019

One panel is out of the clamps,  issues with the hands shaking way too much No .   panel has been planed flat....will need the ends squared up.  maybe tomorrow, I can get something done... Rolleyes

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-17-2019

Panel is cleaned up... Winkgrin  
Plane of choice for this Ash? Confused  
Stanley No. 3c.    has 3 patent dates....seems to be a "tweener" between Type 11 and Type 12....has a SW iron on board.   seems to work decently enough Cool 
I'll get to this one, tomorrow.....I also managed to get an "end" panel in the clamps....couple of passes along the mating edges with the plane..
To remove any gaps.    Vise does a good job of acting as a helping hand.   Found two more scraps for the other "end" Rolleyes 
This might take more than just a couple passes to joint the edges.. Confused 

May do a "Box Joint" for the corners....hand cut, of course.   We'll see, no rush right now... Rolleyes 

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-17-2019

Reason I use that #3c size plane for these thin parts... Confused 
The #4c feels a bit too big Rolleyes 
Got a couple panels out of the clamps today..and a fourth one into the clamps Cool 
#4 needed a lot of work done...just to get two edges to meet gap-free Rolleyes
#3 got cleaned up....was a bit wider than the long panels....needed an edge jointed.. Cool  
Cleaned up Panel #2..
And set it with #1 and #3....waiting on #4 to cure.....got to thinking Uhoh  maybe instead of one LARGE box....maybe a match pair of smaller boxes?
Have enough for two lids, anyway....marked a center line Cool
Tablesaw to square the ends, and split the center line....then repeat for the two longer panels...first one got set with the ends..
Then the long panel below this mess was also cut....still waiting on glue to dry Rolleyes
Lid parts might be a tad too long, but that is better than too short.   Can cut both down to sizes needed...

Have a 6mm mortise chisel ( Narex) that will get used to lay out the "fingers" for the Box Joints....Backsaw and chisel to remove the waste.   maybe by Tuesday, I can start on that? Confused 
Stay tuned Winkgrin

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-18-2019

Monday being Monday Rolleyes  Shop is closed today.   I may go to check on the glued up panel after supper...we'll see. Winkgrin

Thinking a 1/4" plywood bottom panel, glued and nailed in place....MAYBE some shop-made molding around the bottom to hide the plywood edges... Confused

Whether to hinge the lids, or add a piece under the lid, and have it just lift off the box...? Confused 

Finger joint layouts and start ups, tomorrow....I hope. Rolleyes

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-20-2019

Will update in the morning, but....maybe a tease? Confused  
Dry fit of two of the corners...will be working on the other end, tomorrow....
Done at the bench, with just hand tools, BTW.. Cool 

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: Ash Box Project.. - stav - 03-20-2019

Oh, fun.  Looking forward to more details.

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-20-2019

well, first I got 3 boards to match up enough to do a glue up.. Rolleyes
From this mess into..
This.  Stashed it over in a corner, out of the way...
Box #1 long sides needed squared up to match each other, then clamped in the vise..
Combo Square to mark a "baseline" all around, showing how thick the ends are, then..
I used a 6mm chisel to lay out the spacings for the fingers...
Then a small square to mark across and down the faces,  needed to guide a saw
Goal being to split these lines, or, at least cut on the waste side...
After which, the two go their separate ways, easier to chop one board at a time...
Chopped halfway, leave a tab for support, for when I flip the board over... Cool
Then use these, to lay out the cuts, and chops for the matching end piece....goal here was to leave the lines, and cut the waste...that was the goal Rolleyes
First set is on the left, second set was a little bit better....later today (maybe Rolleyes ) I can work on the other end....now that I have a bit of practizing done Winkgrin 

Stay tuned.. Winkgrin ..BTW, when I chop those little squares of waste out...they tend to fly straight back at me... No

RE: Ash Box Project.. - bandit571 - 03-21-2019

Got the rest of the corners for this box done, today... Cool 
Nice when I need a mallet to drive these together Winkgrin 
And check for square... Confused 
One down, one to go? 
May just go ahead, and complete Box #1....lid is out of the clamps..
A little bit big, but, I can cut away the "bad" parts, and make sure the rest is square and flat...
Managed to pick up some hinges, today...not so sure about the "new" Mitre Saw, though Rolleyes 
May wait until it grows up Confused Winkgrin 
Back started hurting, time to quit for the day....Stay tuned Winkgrin