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Something different - Sawdust60 - 06-04-2019

Tried something different this time for a segmented vase, added a compound miter to the segments.  Found out some of the contrasting strips were not all the same thickness resulting in the rings not matching up perfectly.  Try again!

RE: Something different - Bill Holt - 06-04-2019

That is a whole lot of joints that have to match perfectly.  I have never been able to pull that off.


RE: Something different - FrankAtl - 06-04-2019

Love that idea! I bet it is hard to get everything to line up correctly.

RE: Something different - DFJarvie - 06-04-2019

It looks pretty good but I can see your point. I bought a drum sander for this purpose to make sure the strips would be uniform and to flatten the rings.

Also, the maple blocks need to be exactly the same width since this will affect the ring lining up perfectly. If one block is a hair larger it will cause the ring not to line up.

RE: Something different - Arlin Eastman - 06-04-2019

Me I really like the design.  Kind of looks like the rim is running down the sides.

RE: Something different - GNP - 06-04-2019

That is cool. .

RE: Something different - Turner52 - 06-04-2019

Beautiful work. Have never seen a design like that anywhere {and I look all the time for ideas} A lot of people would think this was an easy piece compared to some of your other work. They have no clue when it comes to segmented work, that design leaves zero room for error and while not perfect you came very close. Thanks for sharing.

RE: Something different - Gary G™ - 06-04-2019

It ain’t perfect but it’s quite good.

RE: Something different - Sawdust60 - 06-05-2019

Thanks everyone! It was a challenge and everything had to be perfect. I did a 7 ring sample without the strips and it was dead on. When I did this piece, I got distracted and didn't cut the ends of the strips off, the leading and trailing edges were slightly thinner than the middle section as I ran them through the drum sander. Oh well! Will try this again once I finish my other project.

RE: Something different - Big Dave - 06-11-2019

This forum has some of the coolest projects. Ever!

Cool Cool Cool