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new life for an old saw - geojoe - 06-12-2019

It has been a few years since I last posted in this forum. That does not mean I have lost interest in hand tools, it only means that I have too many other distractions.

Recently I found a weathered and rusty Disston D-23 handsaw sitting among miscellaneous items in a yard outside of a shop. The cutting edge seemed straight so I made an offer on it that was accepted.

Several hours of scraping and sanding followed but the saw is now usable and will no longer be sitting outside in the rain and snow.

Here are some photos. One showing the "before" and "after", another showing the etch that was hidden beneath the rust, and another showing that it is still capable of a straight cut.


RE: new life for an old saw - cputnam - 06-12-2019

Well done! How long did it take you?

RE: new life for an old saw - Woodenfish - 06-12-2019

I cleaned up an old saw in that condition with a fiber scouring pad and some Boeshield Rust Free. Finished with a sprayer bottle of white vinegar and water at 50%. It came out really nice too and hardly any work. Always good to save a tool from the trash heap. Good job on yours.

RE: new life for an old saw - hbmcc - 06-13-2019

Good save!  Cool

Is that cutting without sharpening the teeth? If so, It should sing through wood when sharp!

RE: new life for an old saw - geojoe - 06-13-2019

Thanks for the comments. 

To answer the questions asked:

I would guess that I have 5-7 hours in scraping/sanding, removing stuck/frozen bolts & nuts, refinishing and waxing.

Yes--I did the test sawing without any sharpening. I think with the sharpening touched up, this saw would be a stellar performer.

Thanks again,

RE: new life for an old saw - blackhat - 06-13-2019

Nice save. Our ever increasing emphasis on everything being seen as disposable is depressing.

RE: new life for an old saw - Admiral - 06-14-2019

Joe: nice. I've always found that some high quality metal polish, like Autosol, does wonders in removing a lot of the staining left on the saw plate.