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Pratt &Lambert #38 Replacement - goredsus - 06-16-2019

Looking for a replacement for P&L #38...been using it for as a wiping varnish and can't seem to find it any more.

Current need is for a bookcase (Cherry and Maple)...looking for something that books or picture frames won't stick to if they sit on the shelf for a while.

So what has the braintrust been using in place of P&L #38.

Thanks for your suggestions.

RE: Pratt &Lambert #38 Replacement - Stwood_ - 06-16-2019

It's still out there. Some searching and you can probably find it cheaper than this amazon link I'm posting.


RE: Pratt &Lambert #38 Replacement - fredhargis - 06-16-2019

Yeah, it's still made but finding it can be a huge challenge. It's my favorite oil based varnish, and there isn't really any other comparable formulas (soya oil/alkyd resin) made by competitors.

RE: Pratt &Lambert #38 Replacement - goredsus - 06-16-2019

Thanks gentleman. I used a different search engine and found the Satin a little bit cheaper so I’ve ordered a gallon. Will split it up into quart size cans after it arrives in the hope it will stay good longer.