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Mirka Customer Service - Mr Eddie - 06-28-2019

About a month ago I sent my Ceros sander to Mirka to have it repaired.  There's been a lot going on lately and truthfully I had forgotten that I'd sent it.  This afternoon I saw a big box with 'Mirka' written on the side of it sitting on my porch.  When I opened the box inside there was a brand new Deros sander in a yellow Mirka systainer!  I called the service center and apparently my Ceros was toast and at this point scrapped.  They never called or contacted me about the Ceros.  It wasn't on the list of serial numbers for the recall and I was at least the second owner.  I sent them a copy of my ebay receipt so they knew I was way, way, out of warranty and didn't pay anywhere near what the Deros is worth.  And still they sent a brand new unit!  I loved my Ceros and would rather have a Ceros than the Deros but . . . Mirka could have told me my sander was trashed and not repairable and sent me down the road.  I think it was very generous of them and above and beyond what anyone would expect.  A class move in my opinion.



RE: Mirka Customer Service - Phil Thien - 06-28-2019

Beyond likely just being good customer services, I think sometimes companies reward people just for being honest and reasonable.

Enjoy your sander.

RE: Mirka Customer Service - MstrCarpenter - 06-28-2019

Maybe they heard you were a long time member of Woodnet. It played out just as they hoped it would. Big Grin

RE: Mirka Customer Service - fredhargis - 06-29-2019

That is indeed good CS, most companies seem to not want to stand behind their products any more.

RE: Mirka Customer Service - Cian - 06-29-2019

RE: Mirka Customer Service - Admiral - 06-30-2019

I think that given their big recall, for liability reasons they don't want to fix anything that's even close to the design involved with the machines in the recall, so they did the right thing by you. Also, I work for a Finnish company and they insure every risk they can think of, so likely they had a product liability/recall policy somewhere. So thank the risk management department of Mirka!!

TGW, member here, lives in Finland, likely not too far from Jeppo, he might have some local viewpoint on their customer service policy.