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A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 06-30-2019

As the current one has been outgrown... No  
Only has 4 tiny drawers....hutch doesn't fit the computer screen size.   So, time for another, LONG build-along thread?

Picked about 40bf of Ash.... Winkgrin $20... Cool  not counting the free 2 x 6...
Then made a small sketch of what I wanted...
Then let the Single Brain Cell Sketch Up work on a "Plan" that I could draw out on paper...
need to build 3 Frame & Raised Panel sides....2 to house the drawers...and the third to support the other end, and the 2 drawers over the space for me knees..
Instead of one WIDE shallow drawer, went with two ~14" drawers over the "knee-hole".   Had to clear all the toys from the top of the bench...mitre box went to it's own stand...hand tools were sent to the Tool Drawer..
Hmm, may have to open a second tool drawer? Winkgrin 
bench was almost cleared off...hauled the first planks to the shop...

And come up with a "Cut List" ( that quickly got changes..again..) Rolleyes 
As some lengths and widths were too big....
Anyway, started by ripping 6 stiles.... Rolleyes
Rip fence was set up.....2" width...
The rest sitting there will be for the 1-1/2" wide rails....
Stay tuned...lots more coming up... Cool

RE: A new Desk for me - stav - 07-01-2019

This should be fun. Looks like a nice design.  

my wife replaced my desk about a year ago.  Wish she had picked something a little deeper in the top.  I hate the keyboard being right on the edge.

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-01-2019

Stiles and rail....had most ripped to width...rails are now 1-1/2" wide....not all of the first four planks were the same thickness....some were even wavy, thickness wise... No which might be a problem with the joinery. 
ya think? No  Reset the rip fence....saw blade will not reach to 2"....rip & flip, rip again...same with the rail blanks, but, at least  the saw blade can reach that high... Rolleyes 
next problem...not all the stiles were the exact same length...ganged them together, made sure one end was squared across, them crosscut the other end..was supposed to be 31"...all are now 30-7/8" long...
As for the rails....what was going to be 21" long....was adjusted down a bit....somewhere around 16-18", with allowing for 1" of tenons on the ends...which also changed the length of the raised panels...Got enough rail stock for 11 rails....had to trudge back upstairs, and bring down a 5th plank...that had.."issues" No 
And the other end had a couple splits going on....there was enough right in the middle to get what I hoped was 4 rails....sawkerfs ate up the amount for the 4th one... Angry Dug around in the cut-off bin..found a clear( Winkgrin ) stick of Pine, just little bigger.   trimmed it to match the rest of the rails.. Cool 
As where that pine one will go, will not be seen...top of the middle side, right between the drawers.   Couple of the rails had rough sawn edges, we have ways.. Rolleyes 
Now, each stile needs 1/4" x 1/4" groove milled.  6 of the rails also needed one groove....the other 9, needed 2 grooves...have had issues running the #45 on narrow stock..fence was hitting the bench...was hard to hold things securely....reset the fence on the saw, adjust things for a 1/4" deep cut, 1/4" in from the edges..ran each part through, turn end for end, rip again...still had a sliver left down the middle of the groove....found a use for the Stanley #45, without using the fence...
Depth stop set to 1/4" as well....all the grooves milled, and cleaned out.  Needed a few tenons milled...moved the saw's fence, to make a 1/2" long tenon..
Between all the rip cuts, inside of the saw was filling up...knocked the mess onto the floor.. Rolleyes 
been a busy day Winkgrin  Soon had 30 tenons done.. Cool 
then decided to haul a few planks to the shop, again...this time i wanted some fancier grain, to make the raised panels from....fighting to get a 7' board to the shop, then cross cut around the knots and split ends....then bring two more to the shop,,,to get enough "good" blanks for 12 raised panels... Uhoh

Will cover those, in the next exciting episode, stay tuned Winkgrin Winkgrin Winkgrin

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-01-2019

need 12 raised panels...involve a couple hand planes and the tablesaw....edges of the blanks needed jointed, first 
Then, run through the tablesaw, to make the other edges parallel   Then pick out the "best face"... Rolleyes
As some were a bit worse than others...
Some of these I can work around the wane and knots.   bevels can remove wane, rebates can work through knots...
Then, draw a pair of  "Stop Lines"...
So that when the plane cuts these lines, the bevels should be finished...
I plane diagonally across the grain, when doing the end grain....I do both ends first.   Any real tear out will be removed when the edges are then beveled...takes a jig to hold the panel in place..

I use a Millers Falls No. 11.....Sellers uses a N0. 4 Stanley...once all the bevels are done, I need a rebate run around...rather than mess with the Stanley 45's spurs 24 times ( on & off) I set up the tablesaw, to cut a line where the spurs would have cut...THEN run the 45 to clean things up...both with the grain, and across the grain.[attachment=19138]
..then a test fit...using two rails... Winkgrin

Managed to get about half of the 12 panels raised... Cool
Even tried a dry fit...to lay out where the mortises will need to go... Rolleyes 
need to raise 6 more panels, and chop a lot of mortises... Rolleyes

Stay tuned Cool

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-01-2019

Wanted to get at least one side panel done, and into the clamps..while I raise the rest of the panels...Clamped up 4 stiles...
Square to strike across all 4 at once, at each mortise location....got a few chisels out...
The 6mm Narex was used to mark each location down in the grooves, pencil doesn't quite reach...One good whack with a hammer....The wide chisel is to clean the walls of a mortise, if need be....fancy handle has a curve to it, to clear out the bottom of the mortise... Cool  
One done, only 19 more to go...for these stiles.  Test fit?   Added a panel, to make sure the next tenon lines up with the next mortise location... Rolleyes Rolleyes

Just wish the shop fan had a higher speed on it....not helping much....maybe tomorrow, I can do a bit of chopping?
Stay tuned Winkgrin

RE: A new Desk for me - Bob10 - 07-02-2019

(07-01-2019, 08:43 AM)stav Wrote: This should be fun. Looks like a nice design.  

my wife replaced my desk about a year ago.  Wish she had picked something a little deeper in the top.  I hate the keyboard being right on the edge.

Stick the screen on a stand.   I have made them for the TV so I can hide electronics under it.  Also worked out one for the computer desk that allows for the keyboard to slide below the screen and still allow for hands to work on it

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-02-2019

First shift today...3 hours, then Lunch...rest of the 20 mortises are done( have two more stiles that need mortises  done) 
Checked for fit as i went.. Winkgrin  

Dry fit...had an issue, with the panels being a tad too long....adjusted that...also cut a foot profiles on 4 stiles
was finally able to spread some glue, and clamp things up...hammer seemed to help...set it aside..
Then worked on Side #2....2 panels needed raised...the other 2 were waiting..
panel 3 wasn't too bad to do...#4?
3 sides weren't bad, the 4th? Uhoh
Not only do I need a bevel cut here..
needed a rebate, too....but, IF you look at the bottom panel on the dry fit.. Cool

Same panel....bad spot hides in a groove.   Decided to try a test run, without glue, just clamps....to find any issues going on... Rolleyes 
So, next time I head to the shop, I can do another glue up...then work on side #3....
Was a busy 3 hours, so far, today....
Stay tuned Winkgrin

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-02-2019

Side #2 has been glued up,  and set aside with the other one Cool  
Started working on #3...back started up after doing just 2 raised panels.. No 
4-1/2 hours of shop time, today....sitting here, having a "Cold one"...
One panel was a bit...special... Uhoh   
This is the "bevel" side, as it looked better than...
the rebate side....even had to ease the Stanley 45 back a bit.. Rolleyes
Finally got things to where a couple rails could be test fitted...
Doesn't look too hateful, now? Confused 
Maybe tomorrow, I get get a little work done?
Stay tuned Winkgrin

RE: A new Desk for me - BpB123 - 07-04-2019

Thanks for another build along

RE: A new Desk for me - bandit571 - 07-04-2019

Side #3 is now in the clamps... Cool 
waiting on glue to dry....the first 2 will get webframes between them, for the 4 drawers to slide on.   tried to rip enough Pine 1xs..
May need to go out and buy a couple more boards? Rolleyes   Will try to build what I can, until then.

Need to reset the Stanley 45.....needs a wider cutter....need rebates down the back of two sides...for the plywood back.   1/2" wide, 1/4" deep?