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Wood Handbook - bob-t - 07-10-2019

Someone gave me a copy of Wood Handbook published in 1955 by the government so I check for a more recent one.
It has everything I think you would ever want to know about wood and pictures.


click the view pdf on the first one.


RE: Wood Handbook - johndi - 07-10-2019

Wow, thanks for the link. Quite a resource.

RE: Wood Handbook - MichaelMouse - 07-10-2019

(07-10-2019, 11:05 AM)johndi Wrote: Wow, thanks for the link. Quite a resource.
I often post that reference.  Free (or at least prepaid).  If you have it, don't bother buying Hoadley.  He did the Handbook!

RE: Wood Handbook - hbmcc - 07-11-2019

It's quite a resource! I printed my own copy when the company paid for paper and toner. Better than adulterated code books, and a library of bits and pieces with finer details.

RE: Wood Handbook - ianab - 07-12-2019

Yup, there are people that spend their time in labs, measuring how different woods react as they dry out etc. They are Govt funded, and publish their results. Your Tax $$ at work etc.

Reading what they have already discovered saves a lot time and error for us plebs.