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Machine stands (Delta ShopSmith) - stav - 08-05-2019

Hi, I have two machine stands that need a new home.  One is an old Delta and the other is a ShopSmith. Neither come with any of the original machines that came with them.  

The ShopSmith has splayed legs and locking casters.  The dimensions are
       12.75" deep
       23.75" wide
       36" tall
       18" deep
       26" wide

The Delta is welded and has the spayed feet but the legs are straight up and down. Both shelves are the same size, but the top has some cutouts.  The rust is all surface and should clean up nicely. The dimensions are
       14" deep
       27.5" wide
       26.5" tall

Shipping will be a bit of a problem with these, but if you want to crate them, no problem.  Both are in Orlando, FL. $30 each or make me an offer.