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FOOTERS!!!!! - Wild Turkey - 08-20-2019

Hard to believe, but the day has arrived!!!!!

Walls tomorrow if the storms hold off Rolleyes

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Stwood_ - 08-21-2019

Earth contact?
Full basement?

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - fredhargis - 08-21-2019

You have to be grinning ear to ear, seems like it's taken a long time. More details please.

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - dg152 - 08-21-2019

Congrats, WT! I hope to be doing that myself next summer. Be sure to post pics as work progresses.

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Snipe Hunter - 08-21-2019

That's going to be some shed

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Stwood_ - 08-21-2019

(08-21-2019, 07:44 PM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: That's going to be some shed. Putting in A/C?

Laugh Laugh Laugh

WALLS!!!!! - Wild Turkey - 08-21-2019

Got there a little late this morning.  3 cement trucks, cement pumper, two wall supply trucks and folks crawling all over the forms Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin


This was supposed to happen in April but bankers and bureaucrats got in the way.

But we're rolling now! Laugh

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Wild Turkey - 08-21-2019

(08-21-2019, 07:44 PM)Snipe Hunter Wrote: That's going to be some shed

Shop's already finished and filled.  This is the 3 br house.

Here's a pix of the shop and the tractor I used to dig the basement.  Pix of basement walls was shot from in front of shop, about where tractor is sitting. 


RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Bill Wilson - 08-22-2019

Every time I look at the first picture in the post, the back wall of the hole looks for all the world like a shot of the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley, from an old John Ford western.   Laugh

RE: FOOTERS!!!!! - Robert Adams - 08-22-2019

Looking good. That was allot of digging but luckily easy digging. Here it's rock hard black clay or solid rock or a combination of the two hence basements are rare because the basement would cost more than the house to build... 

   A friend of mine in Oklahoma bought some property and it's two seperate plots. His shop is going to be built on one of them and the shop on the other. They said he can't build his shop on the other piece of property because it doesn't have a house on it. Now that's moronic...