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Scraper storage - msweig - 08-29-2019

How does everyone store their card scrapers? I usually had them separated in a slotted block, but I'm trying to move everything into a tool chest, and that technique isn't going to work. I'd assume you don't want them simply stacked since that would likely damage the cutting edge/burr. What does everyone do? What material is good to put between them?


RE: Scraper storage - Admiral - 08-29-2019

I just throw them in a drawer, and if they don't work right, I just re-burr them. Doesn't take long. But as to your question, perhaps some folded cardboard, like from a shipping box, and line the cardboard with some wax paper to deter moisture/rust?

RE: Scraper storage - DonSlaughter - 08-29-2019

I have a shelf board in my tool cabinet door with 5 kerfs of different depth 1/4"apart....one is 1/4" deep, next is 3/8" then 1/4" & so on.  works great for me....for past 20 years.


RE: Scraper storage - WxMan - 08-29-2019

Mine just lay flat in a drawer.  I always count on putting a burr on them anytime I pull them out for use.

RE: Scraper storage - Bill_Houghton - 08-29-2019

Lee Valley makes a scraper wallet; I own one of them.

this one

RE: Scraper storage - jstraw - 08-29-2019

I use the advanced method of storage that Admiral uses. Scrapers are quick to get user ready again. I do wrap the pile in a piece of Lee Valley rust resistant paper to help.

RE: Scraper storage - Bibliophile 13 - 08-29-2019

I made my own scraper wallet a few years ago. It took me an hour or so on my wife’s sewing machine. It’s really convenient, and while some smaller scrapers get lost in the deeper pockets, the overall design works well. I keep them in a till in my tool chest. I’ll have to see if I can find a picture.

RE: Scraper storage - BrokenOlMarine - 08-30-2019

I have a couple I use all the time, and they are close at hand on the wall behind my bench.  I flush mounted rare earth magnets in a 1x4 screwed across the wall, and it holds all the specialty saws, the scrapers, the burnisher, and a couple other items right at hand and protected.

RE: Scraper storage - petertay15 - 08-30-2019

I, too, just toss them in a drawer, expecting them to lie still and not get into a wrestling match. As others have said, takes just a moment to draw out a burr.

RE: Scraper storage - Derek Cohen - 08-31-2019

Mine is a block of wood ... well two block really ...

This is tucked away under a cabinet and behind my bench. It could be bigger to hold all the curved blades I have (they are lying on top of the uppermost blade).

The reason for this method of tool holding is that I like to be able to reach for a tool, not go looking for one, and having to carefully unwrap it from a pouch in a drawer. Fortunately, there is less danger of rust where I live.

Regards from Perth