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RE: Protecting Copper - Larry in CA - 09-01-2019

(09-01-2019, 05:56 PM)Enigmatic Wrote: Marine grade spar poly. Works like a charm, and it's spray on.

Thanks to all.  Looks like Everbrite is the winner.

RE: Protecting Copper - Cooler - 09-03-2019

I was in Chicago and maintenance workers were painting flag pole stanchions on the front of a 100 year old office building.  The stanchions were solid copper and were being painted black.  I asked why, and the workers said because the boss was tired of having to polish it every 6 weeks.

In my opinion, any clear coat will wear off and then you will have to remove the clear coat to polish up the caps.  Automotive car wax will last quite a while and a buffing wheel on the drill will polish it nicely. 

Alternatively you can get these which may look OK or may look cheesy:  https://www.atlantapostcaps.com/4x4-post-caps/4x4-post-cap-copper-aluminum-pyramid/

They make copper anodized standing seam roofing and gutters and the finish is very convincing.  The problem will be finding them. The solid copper will cost about the same and "solid copper" sounds better than "anodized aluminum".  The aluminum will look good for a very long time.

RE: Protecting Copper - BloomingtonMike - 09-10-2019

Buy a bottle of ketchup and paint it on the copper. Wipe it off the next day. Will look perfect. Salt and vinegar in the ketchup are the trick.

RE: Protecting Copper - Snipe Hunter - 09-11-2019

Larry, you could try this:

Buy a rattle can of Bulldog Adhesion Promoter. We use it a lot in the body-shop business for painting materials with known adhesion problems ie bare metal and Poly Urethane plastics like plastic bumper covers, side view mirrors, plastic trim etc. Bulldog is basically clear glue in a spray can. It sticks to just about anything. Then buy a 2K rattle can clear coat. It will be much more durable than any 1K clear spray paint with a much better UF protection. UV is the enemy of clear paints. Spray the Bulldog on the pieces and then spray the clear coat on them. Keep in mind that once the can of clear-coat is activated, it begins to harden so you'll have to shoot them all at once. Wear a Organic Vapor rated respirator when spraying the clear... the Bulldog too for that matter.


2k clear-coat

3M Respirator