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***SOLD***Cherry Lumber in SF Bay Area - ItsGottaBe - 08-31-2019


Hello All,

I have some cherry lumber that I won't be needing and would like to move it on to someone that can put it to good use.

I have about 25 pieces of 4/4 that range in widths from about 4" to about 9" The lengths are all shorts and range from about 55" to 72" The 4/4 is all S2S and has been planned down to 13/16" or better.

There is also 5 pieces of 5/4 that range in width from 8" to 11" The lengths are all between 60 to 72". These are also S2S and are measuring about 1.20"

A few of the boards have some sap wood on the edges There is one board that is mostly sap wood.

There is a total of about 85 board feet.

I'm asking $300 for everything. Pick-up is in Danville, CA.

Let me know if you have any questions. The best way to get in touch is by email. mike3015@icloud.com

Not sure why the photos are all messed up. The orientation is correct on my phone and in my photo album. I'll work on fixing the orientation.

RE: FS: Cherry Lumber in SF Bay Area - Aram - 08-31-2019

Oh sure, post now. Where were you when I was building cherry-faced kitchen cabinets for my former Danville condo 3 years ago?  Laugh

RE: FS: Cherry Lumber in SF Bay Area - ItsGottaBe - 09-05-2019


Bump with a lower price.

Thanks for looking. Mike