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RE: Jigsaw - Bill Holt - 09-07-2019

Bosh, you will never regret it!

RE: Jigsaw - Bob10 - 09-07-2019

Bosch for the win.  Unless you can fix the one you got

RE: Jigsaw - Cian - 09-08-2019

(09-07-2019, 01:58 PM)barnowl Wrote: One word.


RE: Jigsaw - Juss1 - 09-09-2019

If you have the funds the Mafell is the best I've ever used.  Waay more expensive than most other brands though.  Otherwise go with the Bosch as others have suggested.  1590/1591 are great but tbh I haven't tried the new models.

RE: Jigsaw - greatscott - 09-10-2019

I don't want to be that guy but I took the advice of Woodnet and purchased a 1590 several years back.  Rarely used it but cut like a dream when I did use it.  Then one day it just stopped running and didn't turn back on (prolly have less than 20 cuts on it).  I contacted Bosch, they told me my warranty had just expired, they transferred me over to technical support who ended up being no help.  Not to say that the Bosch line of tools is junk but their customer service really bothered me that day.

RE: Jigsaw - Mike in kc - 09-11-2019

I think if you stick with any of the better tool brands you'll do well.

I seldom use a jig saw and have an old PC600 thats been used perhaps a dozen times in the past 5 or 6 years.   It's dependable, and works and cuts well.   

Bosch makes good tools, and I have their little Colt router and a couple others, but overall their tools don't seem notably exceptional compared to products from any of the other good tool makers.

RE: Jigsaw - EdL - 09-11-2019

Once I got a good jigsaw, found it gets used more than I thought it would.


RE: Jigsaw - Gary G™ - 09-15-2019

Easy repair : $.88 at ACE hardware for a 5mm bolt and nylon lock nut—done!

RE: Jigsaw - Stwood_ - 09-15-2019

(09-15-2019, 04:40 PM)Gary G™ Wrote: Easy repair : $.88 at ACE hardware for a 5mm bolt and nylon lock nut—done!


I was gonna say, the latest round of screwed up (last ten years?) porter cable tool changes (blame it on Stanley), is that they tend to use rubber o-rings in a groove, to act as a pin keeper, instead of the old standard metal clip.
And of course today's o-rings for that kind of stuff is junk, and the o-rings rot and fall off.

RE: Jigsaw - Gary G™ - 09-15-2019

It’s the weirdest thing:
The pin doesn’t look like it broke and has a metal retaining clip but only on one end.
It’s as if the other end was simply held in by a tight fit.
The exploded diagram doesn’t look different than the current pin.
It really makes no sense.
And, because it never gave me trouble, I never studied it.
The pin is listed as unavailable.
Once Meagan brought it back, I realized it’s an easy fix.
The jigsaw must be 12+ years old, so if I have to spend a buck every decade to maintain it, I guess it’s ok.
Big Grin