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Acanthus Marquetry again - Paul K. Murphy - 09-11-2019

Second production run. I’ve changed a few things, but it’s mostly the same. The new panels have green-dyed wood. The main lobes of the acanthus are mahogany crotch and curly eucalyptus.

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - Paul K. Murphy - 09-11-2019

Numbers three and four are new. I’m going to try to post individual photos.

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - Paul K. Murphy - 09-11-2019

This time I did not use the same method. The two panels are of identical construction. Here I do not have premiere partie and contre partie. (Kind of like a photograph and a photographic negative.) In both cases, the lobes of the acanthus are the same woods. That’s holly up there in the cup flower.

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - KyleD - 09-12-2019

LOML came out to the shop to get me the other day and said: Come inside, you have been out here so long your brain has turned to wood. This could be my brain scan  Crazy
BTW, I always enjoy and admire the work you post here. Thank you.

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - fall - 09-12-2019

How and or what did you use to cut the Marquetry?

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - Paul K. Murphy - 09-12-2019

I’m very much a saw-type marqueteur. I don’t care too much for the knife. Knives have some utility, and I do use them, but the saw is for me. That said, I use 2/0 blades. The 2/0 has 28 TPI if I recall correctly. I’m using a Sakura brand saw with a 21” throat. That’s a parallel arm type, very much like a Hegner or an RBI. These panels were all sawn from a single packet. Allow me to make that clearer: panels 3 & 4 were sawn from one packet. Panels 1 & 2 were also sawn from a single packet, but that was a while ago.

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - TomFromStLouis - 09-12-2019

Well it is beautiful work. The color really pops with all the neutral tones. Very effective!

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - FrankAtl - 09-13-2019


RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - Mags® - 09-13-2019

Stunning... plus whatever 17....

RE: Acanthus Marquetry again - Phil S. - 09-14-2019

Paul -

How are the highlights on the leaf edges and stems done?