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Building a trophy case and need lights - Dumb_Polack - 09-13-2019

making a trophy case for my neighbor's kid.  Got the bottom part almost done and am moving to the upper part witch will be 2 glass "columns" with a felt board on the middle pushed back.

Anywho, I want to have 1 light/column shining down (the shelves will be glass).  I have some lights that must be halogen because they give off a ton of heat (and the instructions say don't use them in an enclosed trophy case).  Went to Lowe's last night but their selection was limited (and they all appeared to be battery-operated).  Looked on Amazon and also tried Rockler but I couldn't find anything other than those undermount hockey puck style ones or the strip-type ones.

I want hockey puck ones with clear lenses that are not battery powered.

What have you used?

BTW, the pictures are the lower section

RE: Building a trophy case and need lights - Eurekan - 09-13-2019

Do a search on Amazon for LED puck lights. All kinds of them available. Here's one with 3 pucks. LED Puck LIghts

RE: Building a trophy case and need lights - Cooler - 09-13-2019

Ribbon lights are very effective, generate almost no heat and are easily hidden.  They also come with remote controls.  The light is very white with a high CRI.  You can get 16 feet of the stuff with a remote and a power supply for less than $20.00.  It installs with self adhesive backing, but mechanical fasteners are possible.


Here's one for $14.00 and dimmable.


In the customer review section there are customer uploaded images (which I cannot copy or link), and one of them shows a china cabinet lit up and it should be similar to what you would like to achieve.  Look at the reviews and watch for the posted photos.

RE: Building a trophy case and need lights - AUswimKC - 09-13-2019


These have an integrated switch

RE: Building a trophy case and need lights - Pirate - 10-07-2019

I used led ribbon lighting behind the face frame in an antique display cabinet. Worked great, with dimmable remote.
They come with a 12 volt power supply, control box and remote.
I cut the excess off. The excess can be wired to a 12 volt power supply, wired thru a Buck converter (DC to DC regulator) to dim to desired level. You can buy the Buck converter on eBay for about $1 as well as the lighting.