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Fence Ideas - crokett™ - 10-07-2019

Our radio fence for our dog has broken one too many times, this time while I am out of town.  I want to do a physical fence.  Most of it will be in the weeds so the main criteria for a fencing solution are low cost, and it needs to keep the dog in.  He weighs 65lbs but so far is not one to dig under or go over fences - inside the house, a closed (but not latched door) stops him.    We have a 4' picket fence across the front and he does not go over that, even when motivated by barking at visitors.    Is chain link any cheaper than something like post and rail with wire on the inside?    I've thought about a livestock-style electric fence.   A few wires close to the ground and 1 or two up high should keep him in.  I also don't need to worry about running a wire back to the charger like I do with the radio fence.

RE: Fence Ideas - fixtureman - 10-07-2019

We just use some thing like this It keeps my daughters Pry in


RE: Fence Ideas - Snipe Hunter - 10-09-2019

We installed this aluminum fence a few years ago to keep the dogs in. It works. iirc, I put in 54 panels. It doesn't look bad and was fairly inexpensive as fencing goes. It isn't by any means heavy duty. I wouldn't climb it if I didn't have to but it serves it's purpose of keeping in the dogs. We put in 3 single gates and one double 8' gate. It was all delivered with all the hardware and hinges on 2 skids. The panels pop into cutouts on the posts and screw in with black self tapping screws. I sunk each post in the hole and poured in dry concrete. I used wet concrete on the corners, end posts and fence posts. I'm pretty sure we bought it from Online Fence Supply but I remember several other online sellers selling the same thing and all their sites looked similar so we just found the cheapest and went with it. Pretty sure it a Chinese product. After 3 years, the paint is holding up fine. We chose this fence because I needed to get it up quickly and the pricing was about as cheap as we could find. It wasn't in the budget at the time. You can order the panels assembled or un-assembled. We went with Assembled because of time issues. I rented a one man auger on wheels. I'll never use one without wheels again.

We ordered a few extra panels and posts because we expected to get damage from falling limbs. We're in the woods and stuff falls. You can see a damaged one in one of the pics. They bend fairly easily of something heavy falls on it. I need to order some more.

Online Fence Supply

I rented one of these. Made all the difference in the world. Had all the holes done in one day.

This is the fence:

RE: Fence Ideas - Snipe Hunter - 10-09-2019

BTW: I bought heavy hardware cloth like the stuff Fixtureman linked and cut it lengthwise in 1/3rds, making about 14" -16" wide lengths. You loose some due to cutting off the sharp exposed wires. I scraped a few inches of soil off between the posts and laid this flat under the fence panels to keep the dogs from digging. Both of our dogs were diggers. I had to flatten it because it comes on a roll so it retains some "coil" to it. I used wire insulation hangers (bent in half) to stake it down so it wouldn't coil up. It seems to be working fine. Then I put the dirt back down on top to hide it.

Because the panels fit into pre-cut holes in the posts, you'll have to install one post, then a panel, then another post etc. You can't set all the posts at the same time. I just used string and stakes to keep the posts plumb and then ran a sprinkler over the dry concrete to stiffen them up.

RE: Fence Ideas - Wild Turkey - 10-09-2019

20+ years ago we needed a fence for dogs and little boys.  (Dog was an Aussie; she learned how to unlatch the gate )

Got a roll of chain link that was a left-over from some project, drove in steel T-posts as needed with wood 6" corner post, covered t-posts with piece of PVC pipe with cap, clipped chain link to pvc and all worked well until dogs passed and sons grew up.

Worked until recently -- honeysuckle, etc had weighted it down and we're getting ready to sell house so we ripped it all out.

But it was cheap and worked well Laugh

RE: Fence Ideas - fixtureman - 10-09-2019

One of our parks has a dog park that goes through the woods and used live stock fencing for back there It is good enough to keep any large size dogs in but Yorkys can get through

RE: Fence Ideas - Cecil - 10-09-2019

Farm fence.  Welded wire is likely the cheapest, but Woven Wire is likely lowest cost of ownership, over time.

See tractor supply

RE: Fence Ideas - crokett™ - 10-20-2019

I ended up using woven wire with a 4x4 grid. My wife did not want an electrified fence just in case the charger fails or Power goes out: the woven wire was about 1/3 the cost of plastic fencing for some reason and much stronger:

RE: Fence Ideas - Cooler - 10-23-2019

Closely spaced boxwood bushes would probably do and would look nice.  It might take a while to mature though.  My boxwoods would contain a dog of that size, but not, perhaps a very small dog. 

While you are waiting for them to mature, deer fence mesh might work.

I personally don't believe in leaving a dog out like that; I think it tends to make them aggressive.