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Pitch Removal - MidwestMan - 10-08-2019

I'm getting ready to try sharpening my table saw blades. Need to get the pitch removed. Is there a a simple way to remove pitch, without buying some expensive product? Like a home mixture of things, likely to be around the house?

RE: Pitch Removal - Scoony - 10-08-2019

Easiest way I found is to soak the blades in warm water with some Arm & Hammer washing soda mixed in. Probably a spoon or two with a quart of water. Let soak for 15-20 minutes and the pitch comes right off. I use a soft fingernail brush to brush the pitch off. Really just wiping the pitch off with the brush. No hard scrubbing at all. Rinse and dry off the blade. Other cleaners will also do it, but I keep washing soda around and it works really well.

RE: Pitch Removal - MidwestMan - 10-08-2019

When you say washing soda, do you mean baking soda? I never heard of washing soda.

RE: Pitch Removal - jbmunro - 10-08-2019

I believe that by washing soda Scoony is talking about sodium carbonate and not sodium bicarbonate, which is baking soda.

Arm and Hammer make washing soda as a detergent booster.

RE: Pitch Removal - MidwestMan - 10-08-2019

Ok, thanks. I'll have to go find some.

RE: Pitch Removal - MichaelMouse - 10-08-2019

(10-08-2019, 03:54 PM)MidwestMan Wrote: Ok, thanks. I'll have to go find some.
TSP, if you find it, is great.  Paint store. 

"Green" versions of substitute household cleaners featuring sodium metasilicate are nearly as effective.  

"Green" in quotes, since phosphate is fertilizer.

RE: Pitch Removal - Stwood_ - 10-08-2019

Plain water does a fair job all by itself.

RE: Pitch Removal - Snipe Hunter - 10-08-2019

Turpentine is made from pine sap. It's a solvent for sap removal. Turpentine and a few paper towels.

RE: Pitch Removal - fixtureman - 10-08-2019

Oven cleaner works wonders TSP at home depot in paint section

RE: Pitch Removal - Admiral - 10-08-2019

Lestoil in warm water. Works great, and is cheap. Been using it for years.