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Rot Control in Wood - hbmcc - 10-19-2019

Occasionally, questions about how to control rot come up on WoodNet. The commercial products I see mentioned are really costly. One source for home-brewed treatment keeps falling off my radar, especially when I need it. When I stumble onto the article, I keep saving a copy to a Word file and am now at copy 3 in an obscure directory. The instructions in the following link include antifreeze and borax, separate solutions. I have used borax but not ethylene glycol (antifreeze). I don't even know if EG is available anymore.  Here is the link:


RE: Rot Control in Wood - Robert Adams - 10-19-2019

Ethylene glycol is still the main one used today. They tried Propelene Glycol for a while but that was more of a fad. It was sold under the sierra brand name. Propelene glycol is safe for people as it is an ingredient in many Orange flavored sodas and lots of other food products as it is essentially considered an alcohol. 

     As for rot control... Don't get it wet....

RE: Rot Control in Wood - EatenByLimestone - 10-22-2019

Wood species choice also plays a factor in rot resistance.

RE: Rot Control in Wood - hbmcc - 10-24-2019

Ummm ... Sure.   Crazy Crazy Crazy