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$1 saw, again - bandit571 - 10-20-2019

Things have been skimpy, lately...at least in the garage sale area....almost the end of the season, around here...1 item, in 4 sales... Rolleyes 
Full 26" length...
11ppi, medallion is from 1940-1947 era...they even clocked the screws.. Winkgrin
I cleaned most of the rust off the blade...
And found a very readable etch.....of a Disston D-8 Cool

haven't found any defects....saw was well cared for, other than the surface rust on the plate...
Needs re-finished....and the rest of the rust removed....might even shine up the bolts.... Rolleyes
Not too bad, for a $1 saw...? Confused

RE: $1 saw, again - stav - 10-21-2019

Not bad indeed. I never see that kind of stuff at yard sales around here.

RE: $1 saw, again - bandit571 - 10-25-2019

Just dropped the saw off at a sharpening shop....$10, to sharpen and set,  about a week or two, then pick back up.  Then I can re-finish the handle, and shine up the bolts.. Winkgrin Winkgrin Winkgrin

RE: $1 saw, again - Bibliophile 13 - 10-25-2019

Should clean up nicely. That's the kind of handle that, if I were going to refinish it, I'd probably reshape with a rasp and file to be more ergonomic. I've got one or two with the blocky, modern handles like that, and they're strictly yard saws. Good for breaking down long boards before bringing them into the shop, but I wouldn't want to use them for a dozen cuts in a row.

RE: $1 saw, again - bandit571 - 11-06-2019

Saw came home today, from the sharpening service...$10.   Gave it a test drive on a stick of Ash...
Nice, smooth and straight...zero issues Winkgrin Winkgrin Winkgrin Winkgrin
Ok. bolts removed and shined up... Winkgrin
Since the handle was removed to refinish it...cleaned the plate up..
Found a complete etch that I can read!   Handle was stripped of the old flaky finish, sanded down...then a few coats of wipe on amber shellac...then assemble all the parts Cool
Not too bad?   Even "clocked" the slots... Winkgrin
So...a decent saw? Cool
Might be worth the $11 I have in it...? Confused