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Wax over poly? - Aram - 12-09-2019

I like Renaissance Wax on top of shellac, adds a nice luster. Any reason not to use it on top of satin wipe-on poly? I've never heard of anyone doing this, even though it seems like it would give a nice look and feel.

Thanks in advance.

RE: Wax over poly? - Wildwood - 12-09-2019

I would not have a problem with applying paste wax over any film finish!

RE: Wax over poly? - Roly - 12-09-2019

Make sure the finish is cured before putting the wax on.  Roly

RE: Wax over poly? - Cooler - 12-11-2019

I don't think that wax helps poly very much performance-wise., and if you ever want to re-coat it the wax means that you will have to sand down to the raw wood.  If you never wax it, you can just scuff it up and apply another coat.

On the other hand, wax can improve the appearance somewhat, but not really the performance.

I would not use it myself.  But as long as you know you cannot apply any other finish over the wax and you understand what that means, then go ahead if you want to.

RE: Wax over poly? - Wildwood - 12-12-2019

Not all wax is the same, as long as avoid any wax product with silicone simple wiping down with solvent might be okay before applying new coats of finish. Many refinishing shops will resort to cleaning with ammonia or TSP before sanding procedures.

Bottom line treat all solid wood furniture or floors as if waxed with product containing silicone before refinishing will save lot of time cleaning up the mess of not dealing with it.

Stay away from liquid furniture polishes for furniture or solid wood floors. Check you paste wax doesn’t contain silicone! Don’t over wax, once a year or two might suffice if use little common sense.

There are several videos available demonstrating different techniques wax after applying film finish.