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Free Baldor Grinder (sonoma) - Bob10 - 12-12-2019


UNTESTED (I don't have an outlet to test it on). 10" x 1.5" stones need replacing-cracked. Extremely heavy and believed to originally have been from the Mare Island shipyards (battleship gray paint).

RE: Free Baldor Grinder (sonoma) - Arlin Eastman - 12-13-2019

I wonder if I can get it shipped for $50 to $100.

RE: Free Baldor Grinder (sonoma) - Phil Thien - 12-13-2019

Looks like it is in really great shape.

RE: Free Baldor Grinder (sonoma) - stav - 12-13-2019

Nice deal. The listing is gone so some lucky Californian scored again.