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Vendors Wanted - DaveParkis - 12-16-2019

My woodworking club (Northeast Woodworkers Association) runs a show every Spring called Showcase. We are looking for vendors to come to the show and sell their woodworking related products. Our prices are much less than other woodworking shows. I remember that Isaac and Jim Ritter have both been vendors in the past. We get 3500-4000 attendees every year and this could be a great opportunity to boost your business. Dates of the show are March 28 & 29, 2020. The show is located at the Saratoga City Center in Saratoga Springs, NY and is attached to the Hilton hotel. Please PM me if you're interested in attending and I will get the relevant info to you. Thanks!!

RE: Vendors Wanted - theoldfart - 12-16-2019

I've been to that show for a few years and the quality of presenters and work showcases bring a large turnout.

Dave I'd be there but t's a long drive from Northern California, :-)

RE: Vendors Wanted - cputnam - 12-16-2019

I used to live just a couple miles south of Saratoga Springs - early to mid '70s. I don't think the show ran then. Now, the hike from SoCal is a little too extreme.

RE: Vendors Wanted - DaveParkis - 12-19-2019

You guys could carpool

RE: Vendors Wanted - theoldfart - 12-19-2019

? trip !

Even longer from both SoCal and NorCal.

RE: Vendors Wanted - cputnam - 12-19-2019

From where I live (some west of Palm Springs) to Redding, CA is over 600 miles on the I-5, add another 120 miles from San Diego. Lots of folks have no clue about distances out here.

RE: Vendors Wanted - theoldfart - 12-19-2019

Curt, we moved from Western Massachusetts to the Gold Rush country in May 2018. Still getting used to the long ride everywhere! Haven’t been south of Big Sur yet.

RE: Vendors Wanted - efmrrt - 12-20-2019

(12-19-2019, 08:18 PM)cputnam Wrote: From where I live (some west of Palm Springs) to Redding, CA is over 600 miles on the I-5, add another 120 miles from San Diego.  Lots of folks have no clue about distances out here.

We have a modern day invention called airplanes.  They can get you there quick!  (LOL)

PS. I live about 2 hours from the Showcase but looking at flying out to San Diego next August for a conference.

RE: Vendors Wanted - iclark - 12-20-2019

I was fortunate enough to attend Showcase/Totally_Turning a few years ago. The turning program was dense enough that I almost didn't make it to the Showcase gallery. There was some of the most beautiful woodwork that I have ever seen in that gallery.

For those thinking of attending, I highly recommend it.

For those considering going as a vendor, my recollection was that the aisles and booths in the vendors' room were full of attendees looking to shop, buy, and/or learn from makers about their products. I certainly spent more money there than I had planned to do, but I also came home with (or got shipped) some excellent tools and blanks at what I felt were prices that were good for both me and the sellers.

Workloads and family needs have kept me from going back the last couple of years, but I do expect and look forward to make it back there in the future.

RE: Vendors Wanted - DaveParkis - 12-23-2019

Thanks Ivan for the kind words!! We would love to see you come back. I believe I have replied to all the PM's,but if I've missed anyone please give a yell. Thanks!!