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SOLD: New Prazi Groove Center - gov.cheese - 01-08-2020

New Prazi groove center. $85 shipped. SOLD

From the Prazi site:

Locate the EXACT CENTER of your board
Setup lock miter bits with ease
No measuring or guesswork
  • Quick & accurate setup of router table fence, centers groove in any board up to 4.5 inches width or thickness
  • High precision sliding gears accurate to .001"
  • Creates a 2-1 reduction of the sliding pin in relation to the thickness of your stock.
  • This allows the user to center stock on the exact center of the router bit.
  • Make perfectly centered mortises in one pass.
  • Ideal for creating precision drawer slides in the center of your drawers & creating grooves for cabinet panels.
  • Accurate setup of any manufacturers Lock Miter Bits.
  • Made of high quality anodized aluminium.
  • Saves time and reduces wasted stock.
  • Includes wooden storage box.

See it in use here: