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RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - Stwood_ - 01-12-2020

I built ours (about the same size as yours thats pictured) and put all pullout drawers in. The height's are all adjustable
Trying to find a pic of it....

RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - Red Sawman - 01-12-2020

Just spit balling here …

You could make a set of shelves and mount them from a full extension slides mounded to the sides at the top and the bottom … that should support whatever you have on the shelves.

The interior shelves probably should not be adjustable … and might need some low rails on the sides of the shelves to help keep things on the shelves ...


RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - jteneyck - 01-12-2020

I made a large pull out shelving unit to match some exiting cabinets:

The door is supported by the three shelves it is attached to.  The other two shelves can be pulled out separately after the door is open, if needed.  The slides are KV self closing, rated at 100 lbs per set.  The shelves are finger jointed 1/2" Baltic birch plywood, raised on three sides to keep stuff from falling off.  


RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - rudedan60 - 01-12-2020

I built a Roll out Pantry in a Closet that was over my Basement Stairs.  The stairs created an angled closet, where things get lost in the back. I used heavy duty file drawer slides. I am redesigning the bottom part now.  Had bins, converting to drawers.  Dan

RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - Mike in kc - 01-14-2020

I built our kitchen at least 15 years ago, and included this pantry that is similar in size, I think, to the area you have available.   Don't know what type of flooring you have, but casters/wheels on anything but wood will be a disaster, because you may have perhaps 150-250 pounds of can goods etc on the unit, and those little wheels will put serious dents in vinyl flooring/tiles.

Our house/kitchen is fairly small so use, and easy access of all space was critical.   I simply built trays and mounted them on full extension slides.

I used a regular door and made the shelves independent.    Lots easier to see/get what you need.

i put closely spaced shelves at "eye level" and graduated spacing above and below.

Click the pic for more Kitchen pics.

RE: Roll out pantry storage unit - adamcherubini - 01-14-2020

In our last house, we installed the Lee Valley pull out pantry mechanism in exactly a situation like yours. They are expensive, but the savings in time and the flexibility of the shelf heights made it worthwhile.


We started with a tall skinny solid cherry door made by the previous homeowner. The front of the mechanism had steel cross pieces so I was able to leave the brass door knob on the side. You could open the pantry by pulling on the knob at the side of the door face. I also was able to leave the hinges. I removed the screws and attached both halves together (forming a little wedge). Such that, when closed, the pull out pantry looked exactly like the cabinet door it once was. It was pretty classy.

I also did a pull out trash and recycling thing using drawer slides like the others shown here. That was nice too. I used pretty nice hardware so it opened and closed well. One trick I did there was to build the frame to match the standard plastic trash can for a nice secure rattle-less fit. Its the little things that really make stuff like this feel like quality.