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Plastic Laminate Tools - kroll - 01-13-2020

Guys these were hardly use over the few yrs that I own these.I use them to make myself couple counter tops and that was all the action they seen. Getting to old to handle full sheets plywood and wrestle with sheets of laminate.Google this tool watch a Youtube on what it will do for you,it will also cut veneer strips. PP only please,just PM me or email me courtneycarroll59@gmail.com Shipping will be in one of those flate rate box so figuring about 15-17 cost. So how's
80.00 ship to your door lower 48 states

RE: Plastic Laminate Tools - kroll - 01-14-2020

Guys am I off on price,I want to be fair for both sides

RE: Plastic Laminate Tools - KLaz - 01-14-2020

Personally I think the price is fair, but probably not a lot of guys on here need a laminate slitter.

I've got the exact one, but maybe only use it once every couple years at best.  

Just a hard item to off load.  

I have a line boring machine I'd love to sell, just hard to find an buyer.

Good luck!

RE: Plastic Laminate Tools - Stwood_ - 01-14-2020

I never had need for a slitter, sorry. Always used a table saw or electric shears

RE: Plastic Laminate Tools - kroll - 01-14-2020

Point taken and I agree.
Woodnetters dropping price to

80.00 Ship to your door to lower 48 states