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Raise work bench top - stav - 01-14-2020

I met a guy who was ready to give up on woodworking. He offered me his very sturdy workbench w vises at no cost. It's a great bench that I plan to use for quite a while. Only problem is he is about 5'3" and he built the bench to suit himself. I am roughly 1' taller at 6'2". So I need to raise the top. I've been looking at it and I can either add to the leg at the bottom where the lifting casters are or add to the legs at the top where the bench top sits. I want to make sure the bench retains its rigidity as well. Which side of the legs should get stretched and what would be the best way to do it?



RE: Raise work bench top - DaveR1 - 01-14-2020

How is the top attached to the base?

First thought would be to add some to both top and bottom. 6 in. thick rails across the top over the legs and 6 in. thick feet. The thing looks like it's built like a brick outhouse. With some similarly sized timbers top and bottom, I don't think you have much to worry about.

RE: Raise work bench top - stav - 01-15-2020

It certainly is solid and heavy. Probably 250 lbs plus. The top is attached with some very long screws that go through the top into the rail on the side of the bench.

RE: Raise work bench top - Handplanesandmore - 01-15-2020

I'd add the extra inches (you didn't say how many) on the top of the rails/legs, thus maintaining the integrity of the base with the castors.

Removing the vise first would lessen the top's weight.


RE: Raise work bench top - lift mechanic - 01-15-2020

Not knowing how much you need to raise the work surface I would set the legs on some blocks until you find it comfortable. I am 6'3" and my bench is 38" high. I find this to be a nice height. Once you find your comfortable height I would add X to the bottom of the legs. I had those casters on my bench but the weight was too much. Now I use a pallet jack if I need to move it. I would lag 2 riser  blocks to the bottom ( the short distance ) of the legs. Cut out the center section so only floor contact is 4 -  6" x 6" under each leg.
That work bench will last you a lift time. Nice looking bench. Not sure I explained that well.

RE: Raise work bench top - Handplanesandmore - 01-15-2020

Not sure about the castors installed in that bench, bench castors of that type are usually rated for 100lbs EACH.


RE: Raise work bench top - stav - 01-15-2020

The bench is at 31” now. I’m thinking about 38” overall.

The castors work pretty well so far. I don’t keep weight on the unless I’m moving the bench. I’ll have to see how they do with the added weight. Part of this had me wondering if I might need to reduce the overall weight of the bench a little too.

RE: Raise work bench top - justdraftn - 01-15-2020

I needed to raise my bench.  I just built some new legs
and lagged them to the bench.  Rock solid.

RE: Raise work bench top - stav - 01-15-2020

That's a thought.  I was also considering adding some height with a new set of feet kind of like what you have on your bench. 


RE: Raise work bench top - bennybmn - 01-15-2020

I'd consider whichever is easier to do: remove the top and put it somewhere and then have to line it up again? Or lay the whole bench on its side and attach something to the bottom? Sandwiched 2x8s on edge with the sides jointed straight would get you your 7" of height.