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Butternut bowl - Smashedfinger - 01-15-2020

I just turned this Butternut (white walnut) bowl. It is only my 5th or 6th bowl I've turned and I love the grain and color. I finished it with shine juice, but replaced the boiled linseed oil with walnut oil. It is approx 16 inches wide.


RE: Butternut bowl - bennybmn - 01-15-2020

Wow, that grain really pops. Real nice!

RE: Butternut bowl - Bill Holt - 01-15-2020

Nice color and attractive grain.  I've never turned butternut.

RE: Butternut bowl - Turner52 - 01-15-2020

Beautiful bowl. Thats a really big one. Nicely done

RE: Butternut bowl - SceneryMaker - 01-16-2020

Does it turn like butter?

RE: Butternut bowl - Big Dave - 01-18-2020

(01-15-2020, 03:15 PM)bennybmn Wrote: Wow, that grain really pops. Real nice!

Love the grain.... Yes

RE: Butternut bowl - Enigmatic - 01-21-2020

That's a real beauty.