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drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-19-2020

Been sorting through the collection of drills....so far, have "pared down" 14 brace drills into 8 "keepers"   Found one more egg beater drill...to go with the 5 I will be keeping... Winkgrin
Had a few "issues"  top handle was flopping around, missing a bit of metal on the end....the bolt holding it on...wasn't made that way...needed removed/replaced.  The bolt holding the crank in place was wrong...and they didn't countersink for the one they did use.  
So....replaced the metal on the top handle....got the bolt and nut removed, replaced by a pin.. Cool
Turned out, the handle had a threaded insert to attach it to the drill....old bolt was drilled through, to "lock" the handle in place ( didn't work without the ferrel)
Ferrel was driven into place, wood blended to match.   "Pin" is a new bolt, driven through ( almost a drawbore) and ground off flush.   Will add some JBWeld "filler" to get rid of the gaps... Cool 
Wrong bolt...and no counter sink was made for this bolt.   Unable to find the right sized bolt...I merely did a countersink, instead.   Also found a logo for Goodell Pratt Company....to go with the one one the chuck.   Will shop for a can of red paint today...and bring the gear wheel back.   Cool
G-P No. 329....might be a "Keeper"?    You can crank this one as fast as you want....and it will not make a sound.   A nice, QUIET, cordless drill.....

now...about this Millers Falls No. 22 drill..... Rolleyes  

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-19-2020

Millers Falls No. 22 has been "retired".   Changed out that crank bolt, and added a coat of red to the gear..
JBWeld is still a bit tacky to the touch.. No
Will see how it looks in the morning.   yankees have been pared down.. Cool
To just the main users.   #41 has 7 more tips in the handle.   The #130 is able to change out tips with ease....135 is stuck with just it's one bit.
The #131 has been stashed until called for.. Cool

Squares have been sorted through... Winkgrin 
To just one of each size....til is looking kind of empty.. Rolleyes 
At least it is a start....latest egg beater rehab will join 2 others in the overhead til.. Cool
Yes, the Millers Falls No.2-01 IS that big.....then the medium, and now the small.....should about cover everything...? Confused
Stay tuned... Winkgrin

RE: drill sorting and rehab - AHill - 03-20-2020

Sounds like you have it all under control. Nice collection of users. If Walt Q from Brass City was still around, he probably would have had parts for your doctored drills.

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-20-2020

Road Trip to Menard's today.....10pc of 1 x 10 x 4'....2 pc of 1 x4 x 3', and 2pc of 1 x 4 x4'.....letting them sit in the house for a bit.....before I start cutting things...
Stay tuned.... Winkgrin 

( one of them 1 x 10s bit me finger....either a splinter, or a staple...made a small hole.. Upset .)

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-21-2020

Ok...pile of boards... Rolleyes
Along with some 1 x4s hiding behind this mess. Rolleyes 

Picked out the 4  best of the bunch....took awhile....none were "Premium" Pine...unlike Lowes Gold-plated stuff.   Hauled those four to the shop.... No 

Stood one of them up, where the cabinet will be.... Confused Hmmm....3' tall tool bench, then add a 4' tall cabinet on top of that? No  tain't gonna work Angry  let alone getting the beasty up onto the toolbench...so..... Raised Design Change Winkgrin !     Cabinet will now be 36" tall....

Ok,  planks are 48" long...need to lose about a foot....somewhere Confused   All of the ends were nasty....I can remove that.. Cool  
I'm not quite up for that much Cardio, today....decided a Vintage saw could be used, though.. Winkgrin  
And used a speedsquare to guide the crosscut.   Once all 4 were now 36" long...time to run a jointer along the edges..
You were expecting one with a motor? Winkgrin
About a 1905 Model  Stanley No. 7c?   Once all the matching edges...matched...was time to set up for a "small" glue up.. Winkgrin 
cauls were set up, so as I placed the next 3 planks into the glue, the ones before each would NOT slide back off, or fall over...other problem was finding long enough clamps....settled of a few bigger pipe clamps...
3/4" Hargraves....and a 1/2" Pony that needed a pair of visegrips to help it stay clamped...

Looks like I am done, for the day.    Will decide on more glue ups, later.....   Glue lines will be vertical, once this thing is out of the clamps....should be a real joy to square the ends.... Confused Rolleyes 

Stay tuned.... Winkgrin

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-22-2020

Hmm..maybe after Lunch, I can meander down to the shop....have 4 smaller glue-ups to try to get done....once I figure out how long to make them... Rolleyes

fancy dovetails joints?   Confused No.. No ..I'm just building a LARGE box.. Rolleyes ..that has to hold together with a few hundred pounds of tools, and loaded doors hanging in it.....Long screws, and a bead of glue....plain and simple....just a Pine box of tools.   Attach the back to the box?   Same....

I can always add some sort of moldings, here and there...might even just prime and paint it.   And NOT in John Deere colours, No thank you very much....may paint the insides white?   Confused Can see the tools better, that way..... Winkgrin

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-23-2020

Well..clamps came off the big panel...nothing flew apart...the only creaks and groans came from...me...left a mess on my bench.. Rolleyes
Set the panel down on the shop floor....so that when you open the doors, and peer in past the tools, here is what you will see... Winkgrin
Issues with the two 1 x 4 x 4'.... Angry
It gets worse..
I can pass my hand between these two....off to Lowes, shop for a straight 1 x 4 x 6' and a good 1 x 10 x 6'......$15 and change...
Used a 1 x 4 x 3' board to lay out where the top and bottom panels will stop..make a mark..
Cut the NEW 6' boards to that measurement....joint the edges a bit... Cool
Do a dry fit, looking for any gaps.. Rolleyes  
Then the glue, clamps and cauls took over...
Then repeat for the other panel....these two will be the top and bottom of the cabinet...set both over by the back panel.. Winkgrin 
Then cut a few more 1 x 10s to length, and clamp them and a couple 1 x 4 x 3' boards together....until later today....when I'll glue them up into the side panels...
Picked up another box of screws, today....need to set up a pilot hole drill, and a countersink drill.....and do 2 glue-ups.  

Stay tuned....may get to the assembly stuff, tomorrow?  Get the case set up where it needs to be...then maybe build two doors? 

Then all them tool holders to be made...and one to recycle..FUN!

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-23-2020

Panels are out of the clamps... Winkgrin
Decided to just do the assembly,,,, Rolleyes 
Bottom panel.   had a c clamp down at the floor, to keep the back panel from falling over....needed 5 hands..only have 2.. No 

Flip this over, add the top panel, rotate 90 degrees, and add one of the sides.. Cool  
Rotate again and add the last side...
Reason for those clamps....besides pulling things together nice and tight, the sides were added one piece at a time...

Next..needed to clear away a bunch of stuff.. Rolleyes 
Install a couple of "foot pads"..
That are screwed to the tabletop...then the real fun could begin... Uhoh
Somehow managed to hoist this thing up onto the foot pads, and get the case screwed down...glad I did NOT make this out of Oak.. Eek  Rolleyes 

had to move the drill press a few inches to the left...clearance for the handles.. Cool
I kept all the cut-offs, and salvaged the old drill til...may spend tomorrow, building hangers for all of this mess.. Rolleyes 
Then, maybe, start on the doors?   Wonder IF I need a light for the inside? Confused
Stay tuned.. Winkgrin

RE: drill sorting and rehab - Tony Z - 03-24-2020

(03-20-2020, 09:29 AM)AHill Wrote: Sounds like you have it all under control.  Nice collection of users. If Walt Q from Brass City was still around, he probably would have had parts for your doctored drills.

Allan, thanks for mentioning Walt Q, one of the nicest guys ever on any woodworking forum. How long is it, that he's been gone?

Bandit, when you "dispose" of tools, how do you do it? Through the years, I've bought a number of "auction boxes" to get a particular item, and ended up with many others that are not collectable (or ever user!).

RE: drill sorting and rehab - bandit571 - 03-24-2020

When I have a few too many of tools....I tend to do the Paying Forward.....usually just for the cost of postage.   

Broken, and just plain junk...trash can.  

Once, had way too many handsaws....loaded up the worst, and just set them out at the curb......imagine that, they were gone the next day.

I do have a few drawers still empty in that 5 drawer chest of shop drawers....have been stashing a few in those....until called for

Taking a bit of a break, right now.....Kitchen hallway floor has been re-tiled...( peel-n-stick..)getting too old to do floors... No
Started at the red line, headed for the Bathroom door....spent an hour just prepping the old floor....tiles a 12" x 24"....I'm pooped Rolleyes 

May look into a few tool hangers..after Supper....and after a gallon of Gatorade....